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Enchanted Yanxia Lake in Sichuan

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Scenic resort and historic site of Yanxia Lake is located at the northeastern border of Dayi County. The lake in the form of a branching belongs to the branched lake. The smooth surface of the lake with nine coves and eighteen turns embrace over 20 mountain summits. Yanxia Lake is made up of the upstream of many crystal mountain streams and Qingshan Weir.

The scenic area with an average elevation of more than 755.6 meters above sea level has the mean temperature of about 16 degrees centigrade. The region is blessed with plentiful sunshine and a mild climate. The surface of the lake accounts for 400 acres, with the gross storage capacity of more than 5 million cubic meters. The lake is shut in by high hills on every side, with the winding path leading to a secluded spot.

The place with vast expanses of water and shoreline of twists and turns has gathered together green hills, clear waters and ancient temples merging into one organic whole. Yanxia Lake with its position of the suburb of the city, free pollution, well vegetated and deep historical connotations, is an admirable place for suburb tour.

Within the boundaries of the lake there's the Guanyin Temple dating back to the brief period of Han Yong year, has nowadays been renovated and approved by the local government to be open venues for religious activities. The scenic spot gathers green hills, blue waters, ancient temples, crystal lakes, flowing river, natural environment and humane landscape as one unity.

The clouds wafting in the air in the Lake District is so commonplace that it is completely unremarkable, and yet it is undeniably the cloud-wrapped lake. Hence the name Yanxia Lake. On each morning of summer's days and the night-falls of the autumn, the smooth surface of the lake would rise the cloud and mist. The brilliantly colored drifting mist in a cascade of color is extremely beautiful in the summer golden sunshine, which is widely acclaimed as the peak of perfection.

Rowing in the vast expanses of water early in the morning or late in the afternoon, visitor could also go yachting hurtling above the surface of the water, or indulge themselves deep into the mountains, all of these look like so many canvasses of landscape painting. It without doubt provided an excellent place to spend the vacation in the summer months.

The green trees within the scenic area could blot out the sky and cover the sun with luxuriant foliage. The mild summer only tinted they an even richer green. The lake and the surrounding hills in the midst of luxuriant trees could really add radiance and beauty to each other.

With beautiful mythical story adding to the charm of the wonderful scenery, Yanxia Lake has nowadays become a great tourist spot. The moment you enter into the scenic destination, one miraculous view after another would come into sight that your eyes are kept fully occupied. Here you could get all possible enjoyment and banish all troubles from your mind in the dreamlike fairyland. 

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