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Enchanting Performance of Impression of Liu Sanjie in Yangshuo

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The fabulous outdoor night show “Impression of Liu Sanjie” takes place every evening in Yangshuo, which is 60 kilometers from Guilin. The sensational show has 12 karst peaks as its backdrop and the beautiful Li River as its stage. The show is an immaculate integration of nature with performing arts. The entire show lasts for 70 minutes and requires a cast of 600 actors and actresses. The majority of the performers are local residents of the villages close to the Li River. 


The show is made up of 7 different acts which are the Prelude, Red Impression, Green Impression, Golden Impression, Blue Impression, Silvery Impression and the Epilogue. Each act conveys different images and scenery with the continuous change of natural background and lighting. Liu Sanjie (Third Sister Liu) a legendary female folk singer of the Zhuang Ethnic Minority and the character was made famous in 1960 as the first musical film in China. For those who want to enjoy traditional Zhuang Ethnic Minority culture this show has it all from folk songs to dancing and performers are all dressed in traditional Zhuang Ethnic Minority costumes. 


This is a totally different performance from the conventional form. The theater is the nature itself. The sceneries of the four seasons are changing, the weather is changing, so does the performance is changing to match up with the changeable nature. On this stage, only the half of the performance is created by man and the other half is the mysterious nature. Impression of Liu Sanjie premiered on 20th March 2004 and has continued to run every evening at 7:45PM and 9:20PM. 


When choosing tickets there several types of tickets and prices that you should consider about the location and comfort of the seats. The cheapest tickets are C-tickets that are mostly reserved for Chinese tour groups and are positioned at the bottom rows. The lowest priced tickets for travelers are the B2-tickets located just above with a good view despite the basic plastic seats. The B1-seat tickets are located higher up the stage and further away from the tour groups and offer a bamboo chair with back support. The A-tickets provide the most comfortable indoor seating unaffected by weather conditions. 

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