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Encounter the most Beautiful Spring in Jiangnan

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Spring in Jiangnan is so beautiful that it is full of colours and brilliance. Spring in the south of the Yangtze River passes through the gentle breeze and the green willows on the banks are gentle.

Spring rain in Jiangnan taps lightly, the sky and water are the same, and the water is far from the sky. There is heaven above and Suzhou and Hangzhou below.



See the beauty of Qinghuai River and experience all four seasons and the sight between night and day. If you’ve not seen the beauty of Qinhuai River you have not been to Nanjing. Visit Xuanwu Lake Park which is Jiangnan’s Imperial Garden and is reputed as “The Pearl of Jinling”.


Also tour Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum, the forerunner of China's democratic revolution, faces vast plains, then towering mountains and magnificent scenery. It is known as "the first mausoleum in the history of modern Chinese architecture".




Spend a date with the flowers at Taihu Lake! Yuantouzhu is the best place to view the landscape of Taihu Lake. The scenic spots are verdant, beautiful forest ridges, surrounded by mountains and waters, blending elegance and magnificence into one. Yuantouzhu has the reputation as the "natural painting". Yuantouzhu Park was once Chiang Kai Shek's private garden, which is praised as "The Number One Scenic Spot in Wuxi".




Suzhou gardens are well-known internationally. Nine gardens in Suzhou have been listed as world cultural heritage sites. According to age, the oldest is Canglang Pavilion that dates back to the Northern Song Dynasty and the Lion Grove Garden is the only garden from the Yuan Dynasty.

Suzhou-Garden.jpgThe biggest characteristic of Lion Forest is that there are many rockeries. People call it rockery kingdom. There are 9 passages and 21 exits in a large rocker. Qianlong also loved the Lion Grove Garden, and even had two small Lion Grove Gardens created.


Wuzhen Ancient Town

Mao Dun once said, "The Mountains of the hometown are green, the waters are beautiful, and the people are close to each other." Arriving in Wuzhen it rained. The boat sailed over the water. There were signs of habitation on the shore. It was quiet and beautiful.



The West Lake is the soul of Hangzhou, the best of West Lake’s scenery is the 10 Classic Poetically Name Scenic Areas. Each of the 10 scenic areas are named using four Chinese characters and the names were first established in the Song Dynasty and continued into the Qing Dynasty. 



Shanghai is the most diverse city in China which integrates the modern city skyscrapers with the historical European architectures of The Bund. Lujiazui’s towering skyscrapers and Chenghuang Temple’s garden memories, this you will find nowhere else in the world!



A person, one boat

A Bridge, the rain, a dream

A lifestyle, a painting, a play

A group of people, a period of time

A complex, fate, a town

In everyone's heart, there is a memorable tour of Jiangnan.

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