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Enjoy a summer of Romance at Taxia Village in Fujian Province

 2014-07-23    Selina Ou    Sights    Zhangzhou    2246  

What’s in your mind when think of summer romance? A sea of blue water, a beach of silver sand, a glow of sunrise or sunset, a mountain of coolness, or a sky of stars? But in my eyes, a night of fireflies that is the most romantic scene at this summer. So to enjoy a night of fireflies we should travel to Taxia Village.

Taxia Village is situated in Nanjing County of Zhangzhou City in Fujian Province. Taxia Village is a famous hometown for overseas Chinese in Zhangzhou City. At this famous landscape village in China, Taxia is renowned for its beautiful natural scenery, inspiring architectures and profound cultural background.

The natural setting of Taixa Village is quite attractive to people. The village is surrounded by green mountains with clean rivers running through the village. Fresh air, rivers, bridges, green tress, pebble paved streets and folk houses, all these factors become more charming at the quiet village. When the village is covered with drizzles and fog, it becomes remoter. Every single item and people in the village seems so natural. Local people do what they are supposed to do, women washing clothes in the river, elders having a sunbath at the front of ancient house, ducks swimming in the river, no one would have the heart to disturb this tranquil environment.

Taxia Village is a classic ancient Hakka village with outstanding featured Hakka architecture and culture. The ancient Hakka architectures preserved in Taxia Village is a main attraction for tourists. We all know Fujian is the home to numerous tulou, so is Taxia. When coming to Taxia Village, you will see there are many tulou built along the riverside. These Tulou are of different shapes, some are circular-shaped, some are rectangular-shaped, some are oval-shaped and other shapes. They are magnificently and intricately built according to the river and mountain terrain to harmoniously set with the natural environment. Besides the tulou, there are wooden and brick structured stilted houses in the village. The spectacular of tulou and stilted houses are really marvelous to watch.

But the unique night scene of numerous fireflies in Taxia Village is a creative and popular attraction recent years. Every summer, when summer heat retires and night falls, there comes numerous fireflies with their fairy shinning lights. When those little elves dancing in the air or hovering among grasses, the whole world is a fairytale world filled with dots of lights and tranquility. And this is the night of romance mentioned before. This unique scene is quite a rare for people living in the city and it should be a sweet memory that lasts long. But do remember to book in advance if you want to enjoy the spectacular scenery as the local restricts the number of visitors to protect the environment for fireflies.

For people travel to Taxia Village, it is also quite convenient to travel to the famous Tianluokeng Tulou cluster and Yunshuiyao Town from Taxia Village.

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