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Enjoy the Laid-back Atmosphere of Tongli Town

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Tongli is one old small town over the past few centuries stands on east to the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal on the bank of the Taihu Lake. Historically speaking, Tongli was also named as Fushi. It's famous especially for being full of the charms of a watery town marked by canals criss-crossing, murmuring streams and bridges legion, and it's considered as one perfect place for relaxation and holiday-spending. It changed its name into Tongli in the early stages of the Tang Dynasty. In later dynasties, a growing number of people were attracted to the old town by its far-flung fame and in time it became known in many parts of the world as a sacred place of sightseeing and vacation.

The scenery of Tongli is too beautiful for words. It is extremely romantic to ramble over the scenic spot between beautiful town and waters. It's surrounded by water on all sides and with a wide field of vision, and the boat is the best way to enjoy the charming scenery of the Tongli town. Everywhere in the town were seen little bridge, murmuring brook and rural cottage. With numerous narrow waterways covering the town, Tongli town enjoys the reputation as the "Small Oriental Venice". The beautiful river wriggles like a colored strip through the old town while the ancient town likes a bright pearl on the bank of the 5 famous rivers. Tongli boasts its water alleys in their infinite variety of forms.

The beauty of Tongli consists in the style of its ancient architectures. These ancient and historical-memorial buildings are outstanding work in the world construction art history. This is an affectionate tribute to the old town's beautiful ancient buildings and magnificent canal setting. More and more tourists throng to the town to marvel at its beautiful scenery, ancient buildings, its art and its many inter-connecting waterways.

Both in the choice of materials and shape of buildings, these ancient buildings stand much closer to nature. There're over twenty natural sights in the old days, but only some are still extant, among which the Tuisi Garden is the most influential and preventative one. It's recorded that the Tuisi Garden was inscribed on the World Heritage List. It's a dreamy little house that could combine living environment with landscape design perfectly.

People are saying that the old town is classified into seven islands by 15 small rivers. The ancient building could combine delicately the classic elegant style and the simple and natural element with the pure and elegant color. It's said that the bridge comes into being where the bridge is set up where water is connected to water. What is the feature of the old town is that delicate and exquisite buildings, bridges, waters and trees are all arranged in the mini scenic attraction. The unique charm of the lane lies in its absolute serenity and sweet repose. You could still view some unique scene on antiquated houses of Ming and Qing dynasty when you are roaming through the small and old towns if you are lucky enough. 

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