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Enjoyment at the Paradisal Poyang Lake

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Legends say that Lake Poyang is China's largest freshwater lake by having an area of 3,583 square kilometers. Poyang Lake is situated on the north of Jiangxi Province and eastern China southeast of Wuhan. It is connected to the Yangtze River also called Chang Jiang by canal. Moreover, there are very abundant wetland resources in Poyang Lake area which is one of the essential wetland in China.

Because of this, Lake Poyang is characterized by grassy vegetation and often forming a transition zone between water and land, which have been included in the list of the world's important wetlands. As a famous national scenic spot, there're plentiful beautiful scenery in the Poyang Lake like the Fallen-Star Boulder, Zhouyu Dianjiang Platform and many more. Here all of the tourists are able to visit all the single and distinct sights by sailing a boat on the lake for a particular cruise. You could feel the pleasing and enjoyable atmosphere.

The weather in Poyang Lake is congenial and because there is a large amount of natural food supply, various kinds of migratory birds are naturally attracted to the sacred land when the time comes. It's the wetland that attracts a large number of birds during the rainy summer months. As a matter of fact, the low-water season of the Poyang Lake is usually from October to March of the next year. You could have a spacious view of the perfect scenery that red-crowned crane larks casually along Poyang Lake and the sun shines brightly on the lake. The Poyang Lake Wetlands Nature Reserve gradually becomes an important stopover for migrant birds in south China.

Throughout this period, a large number of unforeseen lake shoals and shallows also emerge continuously; meanwhile, quantities of different kinds of fish and shrimps breed, and increase their number, which would surely attract plentiful of migratory birds. The mist-shrouded Poyang Lake is the paradise of the birds. Most of tourists are so impressed by the unequalled beauty of Poyang Lake that they described it as "the most charming place in the world where one feels that one is in paradise". As the story goes, it's about 0.8-1 million birds of 148 kinds during the bird migration season. As a hospitable environment for wild birds, there're several viewing spots available in order to let the tourists find the magnificent spectacle a perfect delight to the eye.

The beautiful and resourceful Poyang Lake has become a hot spot for tourists and owns unlimited business opportunities, showing even greater vigor and vitality, which also foster the growth of all the creatures along the lake. The nation makes it as the largest nature sanctuary for rare birds all over the world. A growing number of birds live comfortably here all year round, while some only stay there for a short while. You could only view the waves on the horizon, at the distant horizon sky and water. Here you could generally find a large lake who reflects the blue sky, clean water, and green covered wetland.

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