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Ertix River with Indescribable Beauty

 2014-05-04    Young    Sights    Xinjiang    2801  

The Ertix River is one transnational river. It's the only one in the country that flows into the Arctic Ocean. That Ertix River was raised on the fervent love songs of the Kazakhs and the melted snows or a mixture of rain and snow in the Altay Mountains, and it flows, ever surging, towards the Arctic Ocean. The Ertix River has its source in the conflux of two rivers of the southern slope of Altai Mountain in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

The natural landscape along the coast of the Ertix River and surrounding areas, magnificent and beautiful, and the scenery on both sides of the great river is peaceful and natural and the environments are very picturesque and poetic, just like a dreamland. When one walked near the white sandbanks of the Ertix River, one could always see grains of sand raining on to the surface of the river.

The upper reaches of the Ertix River mainly depend on melting snow, melting ice and limited rainfall. The lower reaches of the river are due primarily to melting snow, rainfall and water in the soil system. The flood period of the upper reaches usually begins from April. Its upper reaches are endowed with the climatic versatility, land suitability and water availability with a high drop. The Ertix River is rich with hydraulic power potentials.

The Ertix River has originated from the melting snow of the Altai mountains which is formed the major mountain range in the western Siberia biogeographic region and offer the source of its greatest rivers of the Ob and the Irtysh. The view into the gorgeous Ertix River is one astonishing and breathtaking experience, enlivened by the accompanying of exceptionally pure and refreshing water. As the story goes, the water of the Ertix River is fairly good with many kinds of minerals. Local people can find no definite cause for the water. Nature might well know all the answers. Yet science has yet to prove its theories. It's as though the Ertix River isn't ready to reveal all its secrets just yet.

The valley of the river was quite fertile and wide, and the young tender grass covered it. The water potential is turbulent. People are saying that it's the second largest river in Xinjiang when it canes to water capacity. Crowds of beautiful places along the riverbanks and beautiful legends about them captivate tourists. This is precisely why it's also flatteringly called as the small Lijiang River. At the same time, it is also called Silver Water for the fact that it is opposite to the Golden Mountain. The creative and elegant names would be more or less lend the novel great charm.

Beaches are standing at intervals along the lower reaches of the river. The trees make a pleasant shade around the river. No wonder that the flourish trees and beautiful scenery win her a name of the small Lijiang River. The Ertix River combined with natural beauty has become a tourism resource and biodiversity research with greatly exploited value.

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