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Explore China‘s Beautiful Mountains

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As we all know, China is a very vast nation with several mountains. Most of them are magnificent as well as scenic. Few are connected to culture of Chinese land and religion. China has highlighted all the popular mountains which even include the four major Buddhist Mountains. The below given are the mountains that has been given significant importance across the globe.

Mount Tai - UNESCO Heritage Site

This mountain is located in the province of Shandong in eastern part of China. The main features of Mount Tai are that it’s recognized as one world heritage place in UNESCO’s list, historical importance and cultural significance. It is considered as very sacred mountain by Taoists in China. The exact location is at Tai’an City. The term Tai is Chinese with word meaning of peace and huge stability. The name has been attributed to one of the great sayings that states that stable Mount Tai implies stable country.

Several ancient emperors in land of China had performed various ceremonies of mountain worship in this mountain. It was considered as the most important thing the emperors have to perform on ascending to throne. The reason is that Mount Tai was viewed as a great symbol of prosperity and peace for the entire nation.

Yellow Mountains with Rich Pines

It is located in the province of Anhui in eastern part of China. The main features of Yellow Mountains are the pines with odd shape, huge cloud sea, grotesque rocks, beautiful sunset and sunrise. UNESCO has listed this mountain as World Heritage site. The gallery in museums has several astonishing photos of Yellow Mountains. Yellow Emperor was a mythical Chinese ancestor who lived and made valuable medicines to be supernatural being. He lived in Huangshan. The most important feature of this place is the extraordinary natural beauty. The perfect glow of rising sun and setting sun does draw the people to famous viewing spots near the mountain.

There are four mountains considered sacred to Buddhist people in China. They are four in number, namely Mount Wutai located in province of Shanxi, Mount Putuo located in province of Zhejiang, Mount Jiuhua located in province of Anhui, and Mount Emei located in province of Sichuan. These four are very scared ones to the Chinese Buddhism.

Along with beginning of Buddhism in land of China, process of constructing temples as well as several Buddhist venues started nearly eighteen hundred years before. It started during period of Han dynasty. These mountains were native place to several most significant temples and monasteries in China. These are also listed as global heritage site by UNESCO.

Mount Wutai -  Buddhist mountain

Mount Wutai is most prestigious and ancient mountain among the main Buddhist Mountains. It has numerous smaller peaks that are odd shaped with steep cliffs, rock outcroppings, pond with different sizes, beautiful caves, streams that are spring fed, bubbling springs, and more. Most temples here are having additional feature – pagodas that differ in terms of materials used for construction such as wood, iron, brick, stone, and more. It also includes several exotic substances like crystal glass. 

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