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Fascinating Ivory Mountain in Liaoning

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Ivory Mountain is the only volcanic rock geological park in the north of Liaoning province. It was named as the Song Mountain in the Jin Dynasty, also known as the Xiangyang Mountain. Whatever its name, the place is well known for its scenic beauty and today it is the site of a park. The Ivory Mountain scenic spot occupies a ground space of 99 square kilometers, and is also the offshoot of Hada Peak in the Changbai Mountains in Jilin province.

Although not very high with the main peak standing only some 615.2 meters above sea level, it had many unique landscapes gifted by nature, the mule stool with the grotesque peak thrusting itself towards the sky, the Great Wall Plank Road with the spur of rock winding up the hillside, astonishing lifelike natural giant stone Buddha as well as the only pinched stone group in the north of Liaoning, which has made the scenic area become a favorite haunt of famous men of letters.

The top of the mountain is rich with diverse plant life and lots of peculiar species. The ancient trees include mulberry trees, oak trees, pine trees, willow trees and many more. There is everything that should be there. Ivory Mountain has been long reputed as the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit on earth and a Haven of Peace and Happiness. Ivory Mountain is located within the territory of Songshan Castle only 29 kilometers to the southeast of Kaiyuan City.

As the provincial-level forest park, the scenic area is covering an area of 32 square kilometers. The distinguishing features of Ivory Mountain scenic spot are grotesque rocks, dangerous mountains, secluded caves, deep springs, dense forest and vast fields. Ivory Mountain's unique setting and character make it a magnet for hundreds of thousands of visitors every year, like the sheer rock and picturesque cragged peaks with fleecy white clouds hovering round their summits.

The top of the mountain had a dense growth of dark-green cypresses and pines. Looking out Ivory Mountain in the distance at the sunny skies, you can always see it with a strip of thin fog around, quiet and misty. Miles upon miles of beautiful hills and rivers on our native land seen from high in the Ivory Mountain was a tremendous spectacle.

Here you could view the winding path leading to secluded spot, peculiar pieces of stone as well as abundant historical accumulation that offer a sense of being broad and profound. To the attentive eye, the scenery of Ivory Mountain all the year round has its own beauty.

In the spring, the wealth of flowers the season giving us is very beautiful, plum blossoms and azaleas are contending in beauty and fascination. There is just an alternation of stone sea and flower sea in the Ivory Mountain, stone sea and the endless forests are adjacent to each other. The beautiful and unspoiled scenery is the rare geologic wonder in Liaoning province. There're many delightful things to be fully appreciated. 

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