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Fascinating Yulongsha Lake in Xinjiang

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Yulongsha Lake tourist area is one comprehensive tourist attraction that has gathered the deserts, plains, mountain forest, lakes and the customs of Mongol nationality merging into one organic whole, which has been known as the most recent and most beautiful great desert scenic area. It has been listed as the national AAAA ecological scenic spot.

The first dragon of China as the world-famous Hongshan culture landmark of the Neolithic Period had turned up at the site that had made the China's 5,000 long years ancient civilization's cradle had traced forward for more than a thousand years, thus it has got its present name of Yulongsha Lake. Yulongsha Lake holiday zone is very famous for its integrated desert, sandy area, ancient pines, grotesque rocks, picturesque cragged peaks, wetlands, grasslands and lakes.

Broad prairies with 50,000 mu in area is connected to the vast and boundless Inner Mongolia's Horqin Sands. There's a spring of clear cold water in sandy areas, which had accumulated water to become a lake in the desert. There's one lake with an area of about 14,000 mu in the desert. There're over ten Sand Islands in the lake, which had formed the unique sandy lake landscape of a lake in the desert, an island in the lake, the grasses on the island and the birds in the grass.

There's the beautiful and bright day under the clear blue sky from April to October every year, with the white sand and crystal clear water, the green grass and forest. Visitors all flocked to the Yulongsha Lake scenic area. The successive sand dune in Yulongsha Lake tourist area is very huge and steep, with the average vertical elevation of about 75 meters.

The crescent-shaped sand of the natural slope is about 70 to 100 meters in height. The little grains of sand are the quartz grains of sand, its glittering and translucent particles spreading evenly. The sand groups with the huge and steep relative relief could serve as an ideal place for the public outdoor activities.

In order to let the mass travelers get in touch with the charm of the outdoor tourism culture, according to the features of the sandy geography, the scenic spot had settled the sandy projects on the different function areas, including wild camping, car camp and so on. The broad and level sand hill had even made the area the first choice for developing the cross-country race in the desert.

All visitors that came into the scenic spot for sightseeing could go by the professional desert cross-country vehicles, go into the hinterland of the great desert and drink in the beauty of the sea of sand that stretches for four hundred kilometers, one of the twelve largest deserts all over the country.

In the lake is also grown a wide variety of fishes like the carp, crucian carp, silver carp, catfish, etc. There's the boundless expanse of the edge of the great desert to the north of the lake. One very strange-looking Stone Mountain reared high on the plains.

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