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Follow the Footsteps of Spring Across China

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Early spring is in March starting in Luoping where spring begins to spread across the land. The colorful sea of flowers belongs to spring and brings many memories, though the beauty of the flowers only last one week. 

March | Yunnan Luoping

During early spring, at the peak of Jinji Mountain you will be able to see the golden fields of rapeseed flowers in full bloom in Luoping. At the beginning of March the flowers will be in full bloom and Luoping is the first stop to see rapeseed flowers in China. 


March | Jiangxi Wuyuan

At Wuyuan you will be able to see Hui style architecture along with the beautiful landscapes. Wuyuan has been reputed as “China’s Most Beautiful Village”. The golden rapeseed flowers and the white chalk walls and historic roofs of the village create scenery worthy of a painting. 


Mid-March | Sichuan Jinchuan

The pure white blossoms of the pear tree are the eye catching highlights of Jinchuan.Set out from Danba Jiaju Tibetan Village and when nearing Jinchuan you will see rows of blossoming pear trees that create a vivid scene of white. The delicate pear tree blossoms only last two to three days and even the slightest breeze and the petals will disappear with the wind. 


End of March – April | South Xinjiang, Pamir Mountain Area

The a hundred year apricot trees of Alemale Town always bring the most beautiful days of scenery. As April approaches the apricot trees of the Pamir Mountain Area will begin to blossom. After the winter snow and the warmth of the spring sunshine the colors of spring begin with the green fields of wheat, blue rivers, pink apricot blossoms and the earth colored houses all put together create the most wonderful scene. The apricot blossoms last for about 5 days and although the journey is far you will enjoy the hospitality of the Tajik minority group. 


Mid April | Xinjiang Yili

Yili’s Apricot Valley we definitely not disappoint you. Climb to the top of the slopes and admire the green grassland with cattle and sheep. To see the apricot blossoms you can expect to see the blossoms from mid March to mid April. Apricot blossoms last approximately 5 days. 


June | Xinjiang Sayram Lake 

June is the best time to visit Yili and especially Sayram Lake, towards the end of spring and the start of summer the golden lotus, dandelion and wild flowers surround the pure blue lake. 


July | Qinghai Lake 

Qinghai Lake is China’s largest salt water lake and is located on the Qinghai – Tibetan Plateau. The bright rapeseed flowers will light up the lake with a sea of yellow in July. 


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