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Get Close to Weizhou Island

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Located in Beihai city in Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, Weizhou Island is China's biggest and youngest volcanic island. The Island boasts clean sea water, a fresh sea breeze and shares the name of "Fairyland of Human Beings" with neighboring Xieyang Island. There are several naturally formed rock formations across the island that dazzle and amaze visiting tourists too.

Weizhou Island is declared as national park. During the morning hours the island is shrouded in mist making it both mysterious and beautiful, the vegetation covering the island is typical of that for a volcanic island as well having an abundance of natural marine life, the rich, fertile volcanic matter surrounding the island has given birth to a brilliant and colorful plume of coral reefs that surround the island, and once reaching the reefs around the island the water becomes a crystal aquamarine and a kaleidoscope of color emerges.

Formed by volcanic eruptions about 7,000 years ago Weizhou Island has a unique geological and geomorphologic landscape. The sea around Weizhou is rich in corals and other aquatic animals. Its subtropical monsoon climate with an average annual temperature of 22.6°C and an annual average rainfall of about 1380mm causes moderate summers and mild winters.

Shiluokou is located at the western coast of Weizhou Island. Its long sand beach, the clear water and its coral reefs made it the most famous beach on Weizhou. On its managed beach are deck chairs, cold beverages, seafood BBQ and water sports availabe.

Crocodile Hill scenic spot is located in the Volcanic Park in the west of South Bay. Crocodile Hill can be reached either by walking or by taking a shuttle bus leaving at the Volcanic Geological Museum. Crocodile Hill has a round walk partially on wooden steps and planks that starts and ends at Crocodile Pharos and passes by the Seaview Pavillon, the Statue of Tang Xianzu, a volcanic vent, the Marine Pit, Canggui Cave, the Pirate Cave (Zeilao Cave), the sea arch, the Moon Bay, the Fall-In-Love-On-Weizhou-Island spot, coral sedimentary rocks, the Lover Bridge, the Moon Plaza, and the Sea Pier as well as craters and tree fossils.

Another funny place to go is the Catholic Cathedral in the middle of Shengtang Village. Built over a decade in 1853 by French missionaries, it is made of coral sedimentary rocks from the sea bottom and built in neo-Gothic style.

Saint Maria Church located in Chengzai village is a small Gothic-style Catholic Church. It is less famous than the Catholic Cathedral but still opens its doors for Sunday Mass.

It is also a good place to see coral reefs. The sea around Weizhou Island is rich in corals. They can be seen in low tide periods, while diving or joining a tour with glass bottom boots in West Beach.

About the food there, sea food is abundant here. Fresh fruit are also grown in large qualities with pineapple, jackfruit and bananas grown almost all year-around, tourists heading back to the mainland by boat can often be seen carrying bagfuls of fresh, mouthwatering fruit.

The island offers various scenic spots, it is ideal for relaxing and having a rest. You will be immersed in the peaceful life on the island when you walk along the narrow streets in the villages and visit the local old Roman Catholic Church, a mini scale model of Notre Dame in Paris.

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