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Glorious Lujiao Gulf in Xinjiang

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The beautiful Lujiao Gulf is one of the best pastures in the north slope of the Tianshan Mountains; it's the bottom hill slopes of Habiga Mountains, in the west to Danangou, in the east onto Bayingou. South to the Lujiao Gulf is the high mountain with steep slopes that rose up in a steep wall of rock. It is bounded on the north by the the township government of Boertonggu.

The prairies with the gently rolling surface lie out far beyond one's line of sight. In total, unimpeded sweep of meadows accounts for an area of some 50 square meters. To the south of Lujiao Gulf is the tall mountain with the altitude of 4,000 meters. This district of Lujiao Gulf with diverse habitat and vegetation was used to be a perfect breeding ground for a lively and varied selection of wildlife including Cervus elaphus songaricus.

Huge numbers of red deer would cast off their horn shells once a year, and leave behind a large number of antlers shells in the nearby mountain stream or at the water edge of the lake, and get its name from the Chinese for Lujiao Gulf. In Lujiao Gulf, the average winter temperature has been about 14 degrees below zero centigrade, while the average summer temperature about 20 degrees centigrade. The annual precipitation of the region is more than 600mm.

With the fine watersheds, the region is rich natural fishpond and offers moisture and water for the reach of green grassland surrounding it and a habitat for various animals. Furthermore, the finest meadows would appear to have been as beautiful and joyous, as the world has never witnessed. Herds of sheep and cows were scattered over the bright and variegated grassland.

After putting on your felt boots, you could mount to your horse in the beautiful pasture and gallop across the plain. Wherever you look around, nothing met it but the flocks of fat sheep, herds of cattle and horses grazing over this pastureland that could display magnificent scenery of "mountain dancing with silver snakes" and specific pleasure of gallop rhythm.

The distant horizon seemed to come from far away, fading in and out. Bathed in the refreshingly breezy radiance, you could not help feel twice as alive and feel like doing something great. The mountain slope to the south of Lujiao Gulf is covered by the spruce forest. You could see this solid green earth with the lush and verdant landscape that cover passing underneath for hours unbroken.

The undergrowth with dense woods and countless streams is a natural paradise for various animals like deer, snow pheasant, wild goats and snow leopard. The top of the mountain is covered with snow all the year round, which could become radiant under the sunshine. It's so magnificent that in looking on them one felt a chill in the air no matter how bright the sun is.

More and more people at home and abroad are attracted by its spectacular natural scenery, rhythmic and steady landscape combination. The scenery could make the most of the beauty of the Lujiao Gulf.

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