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Golden Beach of Tianya Haijiao

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Tianya Haijiao which means The Edge of the Sky and the End of the Sea, is located at the southwest seaside of Sanya city, Hainan Island. It is composed of Tropical Ocean Park, a shopping area and a holiday village with hotels lined up along the coast towards Sanya. Roaming in Tianya Haijiao, you can see the dreamlike coastal scenery in the fantastic southern atmosphere and you will be lost in wild and fanciful thoughts: Is there a sea beyond the sea and a sky beyond the sky?

Located at the foot of Xiama Hill in the town of Tianya, 24 km west of Sanya, Tianya Haijiao with its irresistible witchery, in recent years, attracts countless tourists all over the world. According to legend, two lovers form two hostile clans once escape here. They swore that they would never separate no matter where they traveled and what happened. Constantly pursued by troops from both clans, they were forced to leap into the sea from this spot. People believe that this couple later changed to two huge rocks, which stand facing the sea. Moved by the loyal love between the two lovers, today, many couples come here to declare their love and promise that they would go to the "end of the earth" for one another.

There are numerous rocks, with different size and shape, scatter along the silvery beach. Among them, these two, which are respectively engraved with Chinese characters "Tianya Haijiao" (end of the earth and corner of the sea) and "Nantian Yizhu"(the huge rock that emerges from the sea, making a "corner") are most famous. A Nantianyizhu scene was even printed on the reverse side of the two yuan note (1986 edition).The legendary Chinese words Nantianyizhu were written by Fang Yunti, the chief magistrate of Yazhou Prefecture (Yazhou Prefecture was Sanya’s old name) during the Xuantong Period (1908-1911) of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).

The main attraction at Tianyahaijiao Tourism Zone is of course the beach, which is so South-Sea-Island paradise-like that it is hard to connect it to the rest of bustling China. With palm trees gently swaying on sandy beaches and sparkling, pristine waters beckoning, one has to pinch oneself to remind oneself that this is not some sort of exotic, South-Sea-Island movie set. Lying on the beach, and getting yourself completely relaxed, it won;t be hard to find the exact wonder of life.

Despite the name, here is not really the end of the earth and the corner of the sea. During the long feudal society in history, this place served as the penal colony of the criminals. In the Song dynasty, some officials were banished here for criticizing the government. For them, the unfrequented wilderness must have been felt the real "end of the earth".

Visitors can enjoy a combination of tropical sea sights, beautiful beaches, historical relics and folk culture. It is one of the best beaces in China. Near the beach, there is also Pearl Farm where you can purchase Hainan's famous seawater pearls.

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