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Gorgeous Nightlife in Xiamen

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Xiamen, located in southeast part of China, features pleasant weather, phenomenal natural scenery, yummy Fujian cuisine as well as the gorgeous nightlife. After spending the whole day visiting popular tourist spots, are you looking for a place to rest and get refreshed? Let’s experience the gorgeous nightlife in Xiamen.
Xiamen Night View.jpg

When night approaches, the deep blue sky is lighted up by sparkling lights decorated alongside the road and buildings. During the daytime, you may find nothing special in Siming Road and Zhongshan Road. But at night, they become much more colorful and vigorous. Actually there are many funny places to go at night in Xiamen, delicate pubs and bars are our first stop.
Zhongshan Road.jpg

Pubs and bars typically prevail in Binlang Bar Street, which present tourist a crazy nightlife venue in Xiamen. Walking on the street, you can see all kinds of pubs and bars on both sides. Each of them is distinct from the others. Some of them are constructed in an old fitment style, such as the famous Night-Shanghai Pubs. And some of them appear in strange Egyptian style like the Cleopatra Bar. Every night, piles of tourists gather here to appreciate the special Egyptian performance. Have you decide which pub or bar to go?

If you can not drink a lot or do not like partying in pubs, shopping at night in Xiamen may be an ideal choice for you. There are altogether five prosperous commercial areas in Xiamen, and Zhongshan Road is certainly the most famous one among them. With a long history, the architectures in Zhongshan Road commercial area are a combination of both western and traditional Chinese style, telling tourists the unusual past of this city. Shopping Zhongshan Road you can not only see the modern shopping mall, but also lovely small stores. All kinds of goods, including clothes, folk artwork, decorations etc. can be found here, which offers a wide range of choices to tourists. Most of the stores are opened till midnight, so you have enough time to buy things you like. In the peak season of travelling, Zhongshan Road is always bustled with shopping lovers from all over the world. Thus transportation here is very convenient and buses are available from morning till mid-night.
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Retreating from the pubs and shopping malls, you must feel a little bit hungry. Then Xiamen will treat you to the representative Fujian Cuisine. As a coastal city, Xiamen boasts for fresh seafood, such as crabs, prawns, fishes and shells. With capable cooks, the seafood is full of aromatic flavors, special ingredients and yummy taste. Usually Fujian Cuisne tastes Slight spicy but fresh, light but crispy. Apart from seafood, abundant of snacks with charming appearances and delicious favors are also waiting for you, for example, Tu sun Dong, Xiamen Pie, Spring rolls, and Oyster Pancake. Since the price is fair and reasonable, many gastronomes regarded Xiamen as a perfect place to taste yummy food.
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Travel Tips: 1. Chinese restaurants, foreign restaurants and vegetarian restaurants are all available in Xiamen. And the vegetable dishes offered in South Putuo Temple are made of healthy materials and method, which attract both vegetarians and normal tourists. 

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