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Green Wonder Bingyu Gou Scenery Zone

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Bingyu Gou Scenery Zone is located somewhere near the Xianren town, about 240 kilometers from Dalian city. It’s famous for it’s amazing natural scenery and is honored as “Northern Guilin of Liaoning”. Before it reveled to the world, it was just a land of idyllic beauty hiding deep in the mountains. In 1980s, local government started building resort places in the area and developed other tourists project.

Why it is so popular among tourists? It has beautiful view all the year round. In summer, it is the perfect cooling spot for those who can’t stand the burning heat and need to be somewhere cold with pretty scenes. Autumn here is the most beautiful season for those who love seeing red leaves, tons of red leaves decorated the hillside like a golden garment, mixed with colorful wild flowers. Winter is the most spectacular season, rocks covered with while ice, crystal-like peaks, mountain springs becoming curtains made of ice, white is the main color of the place.

What's worth mentioning is there is no road sign in the area. It is so big, even for someone with great sense of directions, it’very easy to get lost. So for those who tend to lose directions, I highly suggest you to prepared a map. Before stepping into the area, you’re already wrapped with mountains and rivers. Everything looks green and clean, no wonder it can attracts tons of tourist every year.

The most well-known tourist spot probably is the Immortals Cave which is situated on the hillside of Longhua mountain. It is not just a regular cave, there are two lines of incenses from Buddhism and Taoism inside the save. Back to Ming dynasty, legend had it a monk named Ming hong once practiced here and turned into immortal. Since then, locals started calling the save as Immortals Cave.

Among many streams of Bingyu Gou, there are two main tourists streams which are South Stream and North Stream. After million years of brushing, the river channel is all clean as new, just like a white silk ribbon. Plus white and soft beach besides the river and pebbles in different shapes scattered around, it is truly a good spot for relaxing and sight-seeing. Tourists can also take bamboo rafting and enjoy the beautiful mountain views along the river. If you went there on a busy reason, remember to wear life jacket in case you might fall off.

If you want to enjoy the view from a high spot, take upper air cable car. The whole route is around 40 minutes. Green mountain standing in the mirror-like river, with rocks in different shapes and names such as crocodile rock, very interesting. The perfect month to visit here probably is June, the weather is mild and the water isn’t that cold, tourists can swim in such great place. If you want to cool off or find a perfect escape from the chaos, do not miss out here.

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