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Gulangyu - The Island of Music in Xiamen

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Are you tired of the bustle city life, which is filled with great pressure and cacophony? Or do you want to refresh your body and pure you mind this winter holidays? Then take a tour to Gulangyu Island in Xiamen. You may have a lot of fun there.

Gulangyu Island, located in Siming District of Xiamen City, Fujian Province, is also known as “the island of music”, welcoming millions of visitors from around the world every year. Why is it nicknamed “the island of music”? That is because there are more than 200 pianos on Gulangyu Island. Since Gulangyu Island was colonized by foreign government, it was used to be a residence for foreigners. And the exotic architectures and the only piano museum on this island became famous both at home and aboard. In fact Gulangyu is an old island and its history can be traced back to as early as Ming Dynasty. At that time it was called “Yuanshazhou Island” by local people. Unfortunately, it turned into a treaty port after Qing Dynasty’s failure in the First Opium War. Nowadays, there are over 20000 people live on the island and enjoy a quiet and pleasant life.

Gulangyu Island mainly boasts for its well-known tourist spots, phenomenal natural environment and special architectures. Walking on the island you can find neither cars nor bicycles, because Gulangyu is a tranquil traffic-free island.

Sunlight Rock is one of the most attractive tourist spots on Gulangyu Island that you should never miss. With a height of about 92.7 meters, it is situated in the central of the island. When the sun rises up, the whole Sunlight Rock is bathed in the warm sunshine, looking like a shining diamond. In order to commemorate Zheng Chenggong, a hero who have successfully expelled the Dutch colonists and saved Taiwan, a Memorial Hall is constructed at the bottom of Sunlight Rock. Climbing up the Sunlight Rock is of great fun if you’re a hiking lover. Following the rock path, you can reach the time-honored training grounds. It is said that the troops of Zheng Chenggong were training in this preserved training grounds. It is no longer used by troops now, but develops into a hot scenic spot for tourists. Besides, there is a cave named “Old Summer Cave” nearby, which provides tourists with a cool place to rest. The peak of Sunlight Rock is also the highest point on this island. When you climb up to the top of Sunlight Rock, you can view the charming landscape of Gulangyu Island.

Shuzhuang Garden is constructed on the southern part of Gulangyu Island in 1931and consisted of 2 main parts, the Garden of Hiding the Sea and the Garden of Making-up Hills. In the past, it was built as a private villa that normal people could not enter. Not until 1955, it was opened to public. As a traditional Chinese garden, Shuzhuang Garden is full of hiding elements, combining elements and so on, making tourists feel like entering a remarkable picture.

Travel tips: the admission fees of Sunlight Rock and the Shuzhuang Garden are 60 Yuan and 30 Yuan respectively.

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