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Halal Dim Sums at Guangzhou Wuyang Huimin Restaurant

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Guangzhou has many time honored restaurants but Wuyang Huimin Restaurant has to be one of the most unique. The Muslim diet does not allow pork and with the regular Dim Sum including pork dishes the restaurant decided to create Halal Dim Sums where pork is substituted with chicken, beef or mutton. The original Char Siu Bun is made with mutton and is just as tasty as the mutton is cooked in a delicious sauce. Chicken won tons taste similar to the pork won tons but because there is no crackling it still lacks a little flavoring. 

The delicious Dim Sum platter is great with chicken feet, mutton chops, beef ribs, shrimp dumpings, mutton shaomai and Xiaolongbao combination. For those who want to try several Dim Sums ordering the platter is a great choice. Every Sunday is one of the busiest days for Dim Sums at Wuyang Huimin Restaurant so its advised that you book in advanced if you plan on going with a group of family and friends. 

Recommended dishes to try:

Mutton Buns


Beef Rice Noodle Pot


Jidi Congee


Black Pepper Beef Ribs 


Mutton Chops 


Chicken Won Tons 


Dim Sum Platter 


Scallion Pancakes


Chicken Buns 



Address: No. 325 Zhongshan Liu Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou 

Reservation Number: 81888414

Cuisine: Cantonese Halal Cuisine 

Average Spending Per Person: 50 Yuan 

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