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Hiking Kanas, to See the Beautiful Autumn Moon Bay

 2012-12-07    Neballa    Tours    Altay    1260  

It was still autumn time when we visited Kanas, for the beautiful Moon Bay.
Kanas Moon Bay

The day was not bright yet when we set off from Kanas village, dark outside, slight chill in the air. Several of Hiking-loving friends walked toward for the beautiful Moon Bay. We seldom talked along the way, very quiet, only to hear the buzzing sound of the pants in the dark. Not because we don’t love to talk, but because we were afraid that talk would break the beautiful and quiet Kanas.

Unconsciously, the day was bright. After more than an hour of trekking, we finally arrived at the Moon Bay. We stood on a high slope, looked around, and sure enough, the autumn Moon Bay was really beautiful. Kanas Moon Bay was so quiet, smoothing as a mirror, with shadows reflection, just like a gem the god lost in the earth, exceptionally clear. Looked at Moon Bay carefully, there are two beaches exactly like footprints, adding a lot of mystery to Moon Bay.

Standing on the slope, we could panoramic view of the mysterious Moon Bay. It run through the valley and woods, twists and turns, silently flow forward the distance and finally disappeared in this stretch of golden autumn.

Kanas Moon Bay

Kanas Moon Bay

Kanas Moon Bay

Kanas Moon Bay

Kanas Moon Bay

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