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Hiking at Conghua

 2014-04-02    Sylvia Lai    Sights    Guangzhou    2591  

Nowadays, more and more Chinese young people are choosing hiking to enjoy their weekend. There are a lot of impressive hiking routes in China. Some are in the tall mountains, some contains a lot of wide grassland or even some routes are alongside the coast having wonderful ocean view.

Today I’ll would like to take you appreciate the most attracted countries routes for hiking. -Ying Gu route. To many Cantonese in China, Ying Gu Xian is a not very familiar name. But many people mention Conghua, the place where the hiking routes located, in praise of her comfortable hot spring and pretty natural country scenery. Now Conghua becomes a new district in Guangzhou, most the people attracting more people to enjoy their weekend.

The distance of the Ying Gu Xian route is at about 30 Kilometers long. During these routes, there are a lot of different view can be seen. The route is mainly composed by mountain road. When the spring coming, a lot of green trees and plants can be seen everywhere, the air is much more fresh in this beautiful mountains. It seems like a natural oxygen bar to wash your lung. When hiking in the mountain road, firstly you will see the crop full of the field then you need to cross the bamboo forest. Beside the bamboo forest some green clean lake which has a lot of waterweeds be found. The along the lake you will go thought some fruit garden. There are a lot of fruit in the garden, such as orange, plum and dragon fruit. And then you will see lots of plum blossoms in the trees. They are quite and graceful. You can certainly not miss the marvelous view!

The Ying Gu Xian of Conghua hiking is not just suitable for Spring to see the green trees and flowers, but also have very different charming landscapes during all the season. When summer is coming, the sky is blue and the lake is pure and clean. Fruit can be seen everywhere to make you hungry. Autumn is also a colorful season. The maple leaves turns from green to red. There is cool wind blowing in the field, the birds are flying to the far. How a peaceful view it is! Not like most of North China, the winter of Conghua is not so cold, so the hiking is also suitable for people.

After several hours hiking, an old village can be seen not far away. You can take a rest and relax yourself completely in here. There are many specialty food can be found here.  All you need to do is find some delicious to feed your hungry stomach. So just find some day to invite your dear families or friends for hiking in Conghua to enjoy and return to innocent.

How to get to Conghua
Located in the middle of Guangdong Province, Conghua was used to be a city which boarding to Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong. But now it belongs to a new district of Guangzhou. It is only about 70 kilometer from the centre of Guangzhou. You can drive or take the bus to Conghua.

The routes of Ying Gu Xian is like that: 
Ying village of Liangkou Town(良口镇影村)-Qiaotou(桥头)-Maoping(茅坪)- Jin village(锦村)-Yaolaoshe(瑶老社)- Apoliu(阿婆六)- Xitou village(溪头村)—Xiaxi village(下溪村)-Gutian village of Lvtian town(吕田镇古田村)

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