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Honeymoon in Yunnan - Part 1: Kunming

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My husband and I finally decided to go to Yunnan to spend our honeymoon, because Yunnan's charming scenery has given us too much imagination, and we have always dreamed of going there, especially the Dali and Lijiang Old Town. 

The total itinerary: Kunming - Dali Old Town – Shuanglang – Lijiang – Kunming 

We took the earliest plane to Kunming, and arrived in Kunming at about 10:00 am. Kunming Changshui Airport was just put into use from the summer of 2012, and ranked as the fourth largest airport in China.


We had only half day for the first day, so we just strolled around Cuihu Park, Yunnan University, and Yunnan Normal University, where is famous for their history and the beauty of the campus environment. Shared tour routes to you. 

Cuihu Park is an open park. Every winter, there are hundreds of thousands of black-headed gulls flying here for the winter. It was early November, we just in time to see the batch of seagulls, not in a large group. Early January should be the best time to see the black-headed gulls. Visiting the Cuihu Park and watching the gulls is also fun for Kunming people. 


Came out from the northwest corner of Cuihu Park, we walked toward east along the Cuihu North Road, and arrived at the main entrance of Yunnan University. As soon as entering the campus, we saw the iconic building of Yunnan University: Huize courtyard, which is the French architecture.
This is one of the roads in Yunnan University.
Came out from the Yunnan University, we walked to Yunnan Normal University, where there is the former site of Southwest Associated University, which is jointly founded by the Peking University, Tsinghua University and Tianjin Nankai University. 


After that, we came to a Cultural Lane, which is a very historical road, but apparently now here is the world of young people. On the roadside, the business atmosphere is very strong, apparel, commodity, restaurants, snacks, coffee shops, as well as roadside stalls, bustling.

Walked tried, we had a rest and tasted some snacks in a snack shop, which is said to be the old shop of Yuxi, with many other chain stores in Kunming.

From cultural Lane walked south back to Cuihu South Road, along the way we saw some very interesting shops. 

When talking about food, I have to mention the rice noodles in Yunnan. My most favorite rice noodles shop is the Qiaoxiangyuan, not far away from our hotel. 


At night, we returned to the hotel and ready for the next day to Dali, so exciting! 

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