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Hot Springs of Gansu

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People call water in hot springs “the healing water.” While for a person who pays attention only to the instant effect like me, all he or she feel when entering the spring is crazy comfortable. Unlike taking a bath with regular hot water, the constant passed heat from the rocks and deep ground is amazing, there is no wonder that hot springs are used as spas by the public and vacationers. Jiangzha hot springs is located in the State Road 213 line in Diebu County of Gansu province to the side of the road, from Jiangzha township government 5.5 kilometers, Yishanbangshui, pine and cypress trees.

Convenient transportation, beautiful scenery. Hot springs is surrounded by mountains, the river on both sides of the cliff has a size of more than 50 spring, spring is clear as a mirror, water flowed down the mountain, the place visited the rock infiltration into blue and jade green, shining in the sun, a world painting like pearls gems. In a few spring on mountain built built with Tibetan characteristics and Han characteristics combining the semi covered Pavilion, pour also be just perfect in sights of the natural charm. Jiangzha hot springs in Sichuan, Gansu, Qinghai Tibet region has a high visibility, has always been a "holy land" auspicious ".

The healing effects of spring water comes from the mineral composition of the spring and the geothermal energy of the local underground water. When water crosses the underground layers of rocks, dissolve them and come to the surface as mineral water, it's properties is different from region to region, even from spring to spring; the deeper the layer it comes from, the hotter the water. Maybe it sounds strange to many people, but the temperature is not necessarily the characteristic of these spring waters. We need to open our nose for breathing in fresh air, so does our skins. When we are steeping in the comfortable spring water, all our pores around our bodies open to breathe in and out freely, which means much for our inner metabolism. Meanwhile, the heat raises our body temperature, thus accelerates our blood circulation. You’ll never get the comfortable feeling unless you get in a real hot spring.

Soaking in a hot spring can be wonderful therapy. The heat and subsequent sweating have a deeply cleansing effect on our skin and entire bodymind system. The specific mineral content of the spring will offer its unique benefits. If the spring is in a relatively natural environment, chances are we’re receiving the qi (life-force energy) of all five elements: earth (the ground in which the spring is held); metal (the various minerals in the spring-water); water (the water itself); wood (the surrounding trees, and/or the wooden benches etc. surrounding the spring); and fire (the heat of the water, and the sun overhead). As such, hotsprings have the capacity to balance and harmonize our bodymind, quite naturally.

Travel is a kind of activity combining both extremely happiness and inevitable tiredness. However, after a carefree hot spring bath, all your energy will come back at a shocking speed.

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