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How Do Chinese People Celebrate Mid-autumn Festival

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There are many other names for Mid-autumn Festival, like “Middle August”, “Moon Festival”, or “Family Reunion Festival”. Traditional Mid-autumn Festival matters a lot in China. How on earth do Chinese celebrate Mid-autumn Festival?

Worship and enjoy the full moon
Worshiping moon is carried out everytime on the eve of mid-autumn from Zhou dynasty(BC.1046-BC.256). Mooncakes, watermelons, apples, red jujubes, plums, grapes etc. are put on a big censer table, red candles are lit with blaze, and the moon god statue is placed towards moon, then the whole family members worship the full moon one by one to show their respect to nature. Until now, it is still an indispensable activity for Chinese family members to gather together enjoying the glorious full moon in Mid-autumn Festival.


Eat mooncakes
Eating mooncakes is an essential convention for Chinese, implying family reunion, sending miss to family members who are not here by side. Meanwhile, it is mooncakes that as vital presents for relatives and friends to get in touch.


Watch tide
Apart from enjoying moon, watch spectacular tide matters in Zhejiang Province, among which the Qiantang tide crowns the most famed.


Display festival lanterns
In Guangzhou, Hong kong and other places, parents help kids make lanterns with bamboo paper in Mid-autumn Festival, then hanging it on high perch. In addition, people also tend to light up Kongming lanterns, which is a kind of giant lantern made of paper. When candle under the lantern lit, it goes high to the sky, taking with lighters’wish.


Guess riddles on lanterns
Many lanterns will be displayed in pulic on this day, there people gather around, guessing riddles on lanterns. Many people meet their the one in such activities for attendants are mainly young people.


Enjoy osmanthe flower and the wine
In mid-autumn period, osmanthe sends its intoxicating fragrance off all over the place. People incline to making various kinds of pastries, sugars and sweet wine with osmanthe, implying harmonious and happy family lives.

Osmanthe .png

Have taros
Having taros in Mid-autumn Festival is also a custom in Chaoshan area, Guangdong Province. August is exactly the harvest time for taros, and farmers get used to worshiping ancestors with savory taros.


Savor osmanthe duck
Osmanthe duck is a must-order for people in Nanjing area in addition to having mooncakes. Osmanthe duck come to sell when osmanthe blooms, tasting luscious and fragrant. After that, try a piece of sweet taro, that feel, too wonderful for words.


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