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Hu Jia Hui (Muslim) Township Changchun – Popular Tourist Destination

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Hu Jia Hui (Muslim) Township is a popular tourist destination located in the core area of Jiutai City specifically in the north eastern part of Jilin Province. It is located at distance of fifty four kilometers for the city. Inside the township, there are nine urban regions. The neighboring places are Tamu Town in the northern side which has West and Lu hometown hills, and more. 

Main attractions

One attractive feature is Ming Hada Lizi Hill which is five hundred and fifty eight meters over the level of sea. Another is black-backed mountain, popularly called by the name - Goose Mountain which is five hundred and fifty seven meters over the sea level. In this Muslim township, there are two main rivers such as Ka-river which has a twenty kilometer long stream and Redstone River that possesses fifteen kilometers long stream. 

Eighty three social communities

The area covered by the township is nearly one hundred and sixty nine square kilometers. Its rural jurisdiction has 9 villages namely, Zhou Village, Manchu village or Zhou Ka, Honey Village named Ge Ka, Xiaohan, percussion Village, barnyard grass Village or Redstone Village, Hui Village, Baoshan village and Redstone Village. Nearly eighty three social communities live here, out of which seventeen belongs to Hui nationality. Inside the township, there are Hui population, Manchu population, Korean population, Mongolian population, and more. There is considerable agricultural population. Nearly six thousand five hundred hectares covered by forest. The terrain is of low trend over northwest. The rolling hills in the southwest are natural beauty. The north eastern part of the township is almost flat. 
There is Baoshan Reservoir which has a storage capacity of sixty thousand cubic meters. Township has a semi-humid monsoon climate. The springs are always windy with low temperature, but drought-prone. The summers are always humid, hot and may rain too. The air is so crisp in autumn with multi-early frost. Travelers usually love visiting here in the winter season due to cold climate with multi-northwest wind. The mean yearly temperature is just 4.7 ° C. 
A famous township in Chinese History

Significant habitat during the period of Qing dynasty

The long history behind the Hu Jia Hui Township is a must explore matter. It helps in knowing more on the history of China. It is a significant habitat during the period of Qing dynasty. Within township, there is Honey village that has an ancient Muslim temple constructed during the time of Emperor Kangxi. This beautiful building reveals the real ethnic charm of ancient times. It is a noted spot which is famous for the Chinese customs. The township is a main habitat of Muslims in the whole of province. It is known for the Honey Camp which was designed for the purpose of beekeeping. Here, there was a honey farm. Hui Township specifically for Muslims was established in the month of May in the year 1964. It is a great representation of strong style as well as folk culture of China. 

Travel Tips

It is a must see tourist destination that can be visited any season. 

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