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Huanglong Cave – Natural Cave with Lots of Taoist Inscriptions

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Huanglong Cave is literally known as "Yellow Dragon Cave" which is a naturally developed karst cave located in the Zhangjiajie City of Wulingyuan district, Hunan Province, People's Republic of China. Rated with 4A grade, this scenic spot is one of the hottest tourist attractions in China. As per the recent estimates more than one million tourists visits this location annually. Today the promotion and management of the cave is being controlled by China Datong Co Ltd, head quartered at Beijing. Before the management operation was under the control of Hunan provincial government.

The cave area is spread over 120 acres and the cave system has 15 kilometer length and is a blend of dry and wet areas. It has four levels. It is amusing to see that, there are three underground waterfalls, two underground rivers, thirteen chambers, three pools and ninety six passages and an underground lake. The largest cave is 4,000 square meters in area. There are three waterfalls which is 50 meters in height. A moderate tour package will take about two hours to complete and that includes boat ride in the underground rivers.

The origin of its name

There are so many legendry stories about the origin of Yellow Dragon Cave. One story revolved around a young yellow dragon who sacrificed its life during a fight to eliminate an old evil yellow dragon. The local people erected a statue in respect of the young yellow dragon at the site of his death place. There after the site was called as Yellow Dragon Cave. The rainfall considered as tears of the young yellow dragon.

Another story is related to an old monk, who was descended from the Yellow Dragon Mountain of Jiangxi province and constructed a temple during Song Dynasty under the reign of Emperor Chunyou. One day a yellow dragon flew down to the rock and opened its month and spewed out clear spring water. And there after the location was known as Yellow Dragon Cave.

Inside the cave

Inside the cave is rich with Taoism scripts and the gate reflects the traditional Taoist temple style. The gate is famous for giving a deep insight in to the Chinese culture and you can read the couplet inscribed over it. The couplet has only 8 Chinese characters. The couplet doesn’t give you any meaning. But the couplet shows the deep inner meaning and show light to the great Taoist spiritualism. When translated in to English the couplet can be read as follows:

"Yellow Pond Never Get Dried
Lao Zi Looks Like...."

This can be interpreted to read like, “the Dao originated from Emperor Yellow look like water of the deep pond, which is never dried out and Lao Zi, the founder of Taoism is a great soul like dragon and get the core of Dao, and is eventually eternalized in life”. Historians clearly link the couplet with the great culture of Taoism and people who are interested in Taoism and Chinese culture it is some really worth to have some research.

There are also, so many cultural shows which are quite amusing with entertainment qualities. The artists perform classic music numbers which were existed 1000 years before. The beautiful sceneries, surrounded by pristine locations steal your heart.

Travel tips

Tourist can plan for two days holiday to complete an enjoying session. The best route to reach here is boarding from Shanghai in the high speed train to Hangzhou. From the city to Yellow Dragon cave, you can find out tourist coaches or engage taxi service.

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