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Inspiring Sight of Yungu Waterfall

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The famous Yungu Waterfall is located in the Lao Mountain in Tanxi village, Wentang County 35 kilometers to the southwest of Yichun City, Jiangxi Province. The curving hills here like an undulant dragon scalloped the edge of the light-blue sky, which is more like a huge picture scroll unfurled before the visitors both at home and abroad, meandering yet full of power and grandeur, vigorous yet bright and colorful.

People came to dense woods and bamboo groves set among hills and interlaced by streams, with crystal-clear water hanging over the cliff. The waterfall is lost in the cloud and mist. One could almost hear these roots sucking the earth, the underground mountain spring trickling.

It’s likely that the stream bubbling along its course was truly a life-giving spring. What is known as Yungu Waterfall is a spring of clear water on the steep cliff whose height makes one marvel at this prodigious wonder of nature. Its magnificent and very varied sites would leave a deep impression on all visitors from all over the world. The waterfall as of a white dragon flows out of the green valley.

From majestic mountains and valleys of green to crystal clear waters, it went gurgling on merrily. During the process, the waterfall rush down along both sides of the layer after layer of scraggy cliffs, like clouds or smoke, like silk or polished jade, finally it came rushing down from the mountains into the deep pool and fell onto one insensate stone.

Cascading down the rocks from some 160 meters high, they create a thunder that reverberates for miles among the surrounding mountains. Meanwhile, the waterfall throws up silvery spray with fine particles of water and then the fine droplets of water thrown up by the descending water body forming a chill drizzle over the waterfall. Here one could glimpse the strange peaks, whilst below one lie a deep pool and grand waterfall.

The water poured continuously into the pool, the delicate rainfalls are never weary. The fog all around the waterfall rolled in from the surface of the pool. There's the drizzle throughout the day. A beam of sunlight, filtering through the clouds and mist, slanted on to the pool. The rainbows glistening in curtains of tumbling water droplets are like a mass of imperfectly shaped and spectral images.

According to the present study, the sight is originally the Xuegu Waterfall, which has been renamed Yungu Waterfall. It's one of the longest waterfalls in our country, with the height of 160 meters and 3-4 meters in width, some places even 10 meters in width. The water supply of the waterfall is fed by the foot of the Taiping Mountain with the height of 1735.6 meters.

The huge stone by the road was engraved with the famous poem written by the literary figure Jiangweilong during the Qing Dynasty. This poem is a vivid description of Yungu Waterfall scenery. The powerful waterfall has surely had an effect on those thrill seekers particularly the visitors having great enthusiasm for exploring. 

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