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Intriguing Napahai Lake in Shangri-la

 2014-04-05    Selina Ou    Sights    Shangri-La    2467  

It never lacks beautiful places to enjoy in the pure land of Shangri-la. The sacred monasteries and lamaseries like the Songzanlin Lamasery, the magnificent snow mountains like the Meili Snow Mountain and Haba Snow Mountain, the simple but unique villages like the Nixi Black Pottery Village and Yubeng Village, and peaceful and crystal lakes, all these natural landscapes with charming views and those unique Tibetan cultures and customs have made Shangri-la a fairyland under heaven.

While, to make Shangri-la more beautiful and attractive, Napahai Lake that has gorgeous scenery has made its own contribution.

Napahai, meaning lake behind the forest in Chinese, is situated about 8 kilometers northwest of Shangri-la. Napahai Lake is an alpine seasonal lake whose flows are determined by the changes of rainy seasons and dry seasons. Located in the valley of a high mountain plateau, the Napahai Lake Nature Reserve with flat topography is surrounded with three magnificent snow-capped mountains. Its high altitude of 3,270 meters above the sea level has endowed Napahai Lake with mild and humid climate which benefit a lot to the growing of grass. Thus, Napahai Lake has the largest grassland in the area of Shangri-la.

Snow mountains, tranquil lakes, alpine forests, vast grassland, horses, cows, sheep, and simple villages, every single attractive factor has helped to form the intriguing scenery of Napahai Lake. The Napahai Lake itself lies silently among the grassland, quietly and peacefully with clear and crystal water to set off with the surrounding simple and remote pastoral life.

But Napahai Lake has its distinctive views in the four seasons. In spring, Napahai Lake has the most attractive scenery of rich grassland. When summer, the vast green grassland carpeted the whole area with colorful wild flowers, wondering horses, cows and sheep, elegant shadows of the snow mountains, and the Napahai Lake which has its peak season, all these make summer the best time to visit Napahai Lake. When the contrast of the yellows in the grasslands and the blue of the lake and the sky, Napahai Lake has its another interesting view.

In winter, this area that has been covered with snow becomes a peaceful paradise for numerous water fowl. It is especially famous for the home to the precious black-neck crane, the spotted-head wild goose, the yellow goose and the gray crane. The spectacular of thousands of birds wondering in the wetlands attracts a lot of bird watchers there every year.

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