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Jinggang Mountain with Attractive Scene

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Jinggang Mountains stand on the middle section of Luoxiao Mountain that is running along the borders of Hunan Province and Jiangxi Province. They lie where the boundaries of four counties meet. There're five wells as the settled areas in the region, and these five wells are located between Yunghsin, Ningkang and Suichuan in western Jiangxi and Linghsien County in eastern Hunan. They're ridged with great mountain ranges covered with large forests. The mass of peaks is more than 1,000 meters above sea level. The rugged steeps of the mountains rise straight up from the plains, creating unique scenery that is reminiscent of glorious ideals with fascination.

Those years of bitter struggle have made Jinggang Mountains become one of the most exciting places of historical interest in Jiangxi Province. For example, Ciping, regarded as the heart of the Jinggang Mountains, is a small-size basin in the dramatic mountains. In total, Ciping accounts for an area of a mere 50 acres, while it holds more and more important position with five rugged mountain passes surrounding it.

Standing on the Ciping's high ridge to the north, you could have ascended the heights and are enjoying a distant view of the mountains. When you come down to the towering peak you are surprised with the beautiful and rich country there. A memorial tower stands tall and upright on Ciping, which is engaged in the revolutionary martyrs that had given their lives to defend the Jinggang Mountains.

When you climb the high mountains, you could have emerged from showed their crumbled peaks and prehistoric spines. The Jinggang mountain range has lots of high peaks and thick forests. In October, 1927, Chinese Red Army led by Mao Zedong reached the Jinggang Mountains after what is recognized as the Autumn Harvest Uprising and gradually established here the first revolutionary base area in China. That's the reason why Jinggang Mountain is also considered as the cradle of the Chinese revolution.

Jinggang Mountain is blessed with unsurpassed natural and tourism resources with a total forest coverage rate of 64%. It's considered as one of the largest protected natural resource areas and is characterized by its great plant diversity. It is abundant in many rare animals and appreciating plants. Stepping into the Jinggang Mountain, you would surely be in perfect harmony with nature. In order to ensure the rational use of natural resources and protect rare animals and plants, the state make Jinggang Mountain become one nature preservation zone of 16.6 square kilometers in 1981. There also exist some precious trees and the plant resources with special value inside the forest districts.

A widespread land, complex geography and landform and special geographical conditions imbued Jinggang Mountain with abundant natural resources, including water, land, minerals, forest, animals, plants and tourism. The tour resources are abundant in the Jinggang Mountains. They have characters of sights of folk customs and abundant biological resources. Those evergreen trees are the main part of forestry reserves of Jinggang Mountain and the most essential component of forestry ecosystem. 

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