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Jinniuling Park: One of the Comprehensive Park In China

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Jinniuling Park is located in the Haixiu Middle Road, Longhua District, at the center of Haikou in the People's Republic of China. This is something like a dark green jade located 36 meter above the sea level with an area of 100 hectares. The park attracts tourists all over the world and also local tourists across China mainland. Connectivity from the mainland to the island Haikou make easy for the travelers to venture in to the beautiful resort island. Lots of leisure activities and pristine beaches make it a favorite destination for tourists. The Jinniuling Park is divided in to two sections. One part is dedicated for the botanical plant activities and the second portion is the animal and bird zoo.

Exciting thematic designs

The garden is having exciting thematic designs and landscapes throw out the engineering skills of Chinese experts. The Botanical garden is magnificently designed with artificial lakes, planted with tropical forests, flowering plants, fruit orchards, bamboo forests, springs and waterfalls. The combination of all these framed in to a beautiful presentation and will be a relishing memory for the tourists. The park is well maintained with eco balancing and so are the sceneries. The waterfall area is one of the best picturesque locations in Jinniuling.

Wide varieties of animals

Moving to the zoo section, tourists will be greeted by elephants, monkeys, reptiles and various other animals. Each of the animals are further categorized in special zones and named after. There are Monkey Hill, Elephant Center, Zebra Center, Beast Center, Bear Center, Reptiles center and many more to name. There are more than 500 animal species and more than 1000 animals from different species can be seen in this park. This is one of biggest zoon in Asia where tourist can have the rare opportunity watch different kinds of animals under one roof. Tourist will also have the opportunity to watch some critically endangered species animals such as Panda and Northeast Tiger.

Well balanced greenery

The greenery rate of Jinniuling Park is 96% which means each and every corner of the park is well vegetated. The park generally comprising of a comprehensive zoo, Taurus Lake, pigeon Park, betel nut plantations, Butterfly Park, Chuk Yuen, garden orchard, jack fruit plantations, flower gardens, mausoleums and fitness square area etc. The south side entrance of the park is towards the sea show Avenue. The road to the entrance is a straight road of 100 meters which is beautifully planted with ornamental flowering plants. Immediately after the entrance you can see the Taurus Waterfall.

Golden Bull

Immediately after the entrance looking up you can see the statue of a big cow illuminated in the golden colors, projected as if stepping on top of the tall stone, overlooking to the east. Below its foot step stone of the golden cow, clear flow of water flowing down resembles like a shining sliver curtain is called as Golden Bull Falls.

Travel tips

Travelling to the Jinniuling Park is very fun. The island is well connected with the rest of the world as well as mainland China. Rail and road bridges are connected with the island from the mainland. The main city and capital of Haikou is Hainan. Tourist once reached to the city Hainan, it is easy from there to move the park destination by regular bus service or taxi cab. Leisure, fun and other entertainment activities makes your trip a wonderful experience in your life.

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