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Jiuzhaigou Travel Guide

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Jiuzhaigou literally means valley with nine stockades. It is located in Sichuan province, 540 kilometers away from the province’s capital Chengdu. The nine stockades live many ethnic minorities including Tibetan, Hui, Man, Yao etc.

The pictures speak for themselves. Jiuzhaigou is another masterpiece of the great nature. It was listed in the World Natural Heritage List back in 1992.

The lake’s water is so clear that you can see 20 meters deep from the surface.

Different seasons will shape a different Jiuzhaigou, although autumn is generally believed the best timing.

Unfortunately Jiuzhaigou charges entrance fee from tourists. It is 220 Yuan each person for one day at high season (April 1 to November 15), one of the most expensive prices for tourism destinations in China. But many people who have been there believed that the place is worth the price. At low season, the ticket is 80 Yuan and it allows you to reenter at second day.

There are several scenic spots inside. The sightseeing bus will stop at each of them. If you want to visit multiple scenic spots in one day, it is suitable for you to take the bus. The fee for the bus is 90 Yuan. The scenic spots spread like the letter “Y”, thus form three sightseeing routs. The buses run on all the three routes. It is possible to take all of them in one day. The route on the upper left hand side is Zechawagou (则查洼沟); the one on the right is Rizegou (日则沟); the one down below is Shuzhenggou (树正沟). The routes of Rizegou and Shuzhenggou both have rich scenic spots. Relatively Zechawagou is less beautiful. Thus you can visit Zechawagou first and then the other two.

Options for transportation to Jiuzhaigou are plane, train, and long distance bus. Taking plane is the most convenient way. Jiuzhaigou has an airport called Jiuhuang Airport. Nationwide, Beijing, Guangzhou, Xi’an, Shanghai, and Chengdu operate direct flights to the airport. The airport is about 88 kilometers away from Jiuzhaigou. It takes around one and a half hour by coach and costs 45 Yuan. However, Jiuzhaigou is surrounded by mountains at high altitude. Mist and fog can incur delays of flights sometimes.

If you take train to Jiuzhaigou, you will have to arrive at Chengdu Railway Station first, and then transit to Jiuzhaigou Station.

From Chengdu you can also take long distance bus. Roughly it takes 8 to 10 hours on the road. However, due to the change of conditions on the road, 10 hours or more is possible. 

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