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Kanasi Lake in Xinjiang

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If you’re a very travelling explorer seeking for the most wonderful natural beauty spot and the most marvelous wonder in China, then Kanasi Lake, one of the most famous wonders in China will turn out to be your cup of tea. It is not only noted for its unique natural beauty, but also impressing for its charming mystery, or rather legend.

The Veil of the Lake

Kanasi Lake lies in Altay, Xinjiang, where is next to the Mongolia and it covers an area of 45.73 square kilometers and water deep comes to 120 meter, and 196 meter is the most. What’s more interesting, the big lake looks like a crescent, the half moon, which outlines a mysterious and attractive profile. The name of the Kanasi Lake stands for the meaning of the water of king. What a cool and powerful name! When you come to this place, the beautiful natural beauty is meant to make a deep impression on you. There are long and tall mountains linking together like a big united family. On the peak of the mountain, there is the place hugging by a school of clouds, creating a dreamlike atmosphere in light of the blue sky. Furthermore, the thick cloud group makes up the mysterious face of the mountain covered with an indistinct evil, which seems like the mysterious smiles around the mountain, waiting for people to uncover the veil to take a look at the real face. It is a proud princess waiting for a brave and wise discoverer. Today we are here to come close to her.

The Season of  Beauty 

Apart from the fascinating mountains, we can catch a sigh of a wonderful water world with cool blue and green water. It’s sweet water rather than sea water, which is closer to people's lives. In this way, thanks to this great mother for her bringing up the people born and living here. You might ask which season is the best time to drop at here and pay a visit to this kind mother. Warm spring, hot summer, cool autumn or cold winter, which is the best one? Please don't be worried. My dear friends, this mother is always ready for your kind visiting. She is beautiful and pretty all around the year. In spring and summer, this lake is surrounded by thousands of green trees; the leaves are so active and cute to fresh up the air, in the form of wandering branches, which adds a touch of lovely to look like a slim lady showing off her charming figures.

Most of the time, here is covered with flying clouds, moving and dancing, bring our imagination further and further. In view of the green and blue water, we are closer to the nature. When it comes to the automate trees turns yellow step by step, but all of them are loyal to their mother the lake. Please don't feel sorry to see the fading faces in the reelection of the water. It’s just natural. In winter, the trees are capped with white snow and the lake will calm down into deep meditation. It’s waiting for the recycling and all will be looking up when the new spring comes back. Yes, if winter is there, spring would never be far.

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