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Kangrinboqe Peak with a Breathtaking View

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Kangrinboqe Peak is the dominant peak of the Gangdise Range. It is regarded as one of the ten most beautiful and amazing mountains in China. The top of the hill is 6721 meters above sea level. It is the second highest peak in the Gangdise Range. It's noted for its glacial amphitheater and hanging glacier. It's one of the oldest Buddhist Holy Land of China that has attracted one hundred thousand travelers to the strange land.

The summit of the mountain is covered by ice all year round. With white clouds resting on the mountain top and green mountain peaks appearing in one moment and disappearing in the next, the scenery is like an enchanting picture of the world of the immortals, which was all the more to be as mysterious as the mountain after which it is named, revealing nature's infinite power.

Kangrinboqe Peak is one divine mountain, a fact which is acknowledged by the whole world. Despite the fact that the Kangrinboqe Peak is not the highest peak in the region, only its mountain tops covered with snow all the year round set against a brilliant background of blue sky and shine vividly in the sun. The mountains appear to reach the sky, so that the Kangrinboqe Peak is nothing in comparison.

On the horizon over the distant haze could be seen lovely white mountain peaks and grassy hilltops that offered the backdrop for us. At dawn Kangrinboqe Peak was hidden in clouds, but when the sun rose the clouds disappeared and the summit was clear in the beautiful sky.

The mystery of Kangrinboqe Peak is in the fact that for reasons unknown there's perpetual snow in the sunny side throughout the year, while snowless on its reverse side. Even it's covered by snow in a long term of years, the snow melts at once when the sun rose, it is just contrary to the natural rule. These great hills standing up against the sky are not only considered as the majesty of the lofty mountains, but also the picturesque and secluded place.

Surrounded by many picturesque cragged peaks, there're numerous strange rocks, canons, gnarled cypresses and unpolluted streams. It is hard for you to behold its true colors, because the hills are crowned by the white clouds all the year round. Kangrinboqe Peak could bring the visual impact for all of the visitors and are well received all over the world for the special charming.

All the beautiful scenery has lent an air of romanticism and mystery to the place. The mountain is already regarded as beautiful as fairyland. If one should choose an awkward moment for one's visit to find the highest peak surmounted with snow presenting itself before one's eyes, he could indeed consider it a great blessing.

Over the centuries, Kangrinboqe Peak had always been the most adventurous place in mind for countless pilgrims and explorers. Actually, none had ever got to the top of the mountain or, what is the same thing, none dare to offend the hub of the universe! 

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