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Kashgar - Enjoy Casual Time at This Medieval City

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It is said that if you have not been to Kashgar, then you have not really been to Xinjiang. So to know the real Xinjiang, you should travel to Kashgar city, to know what’s amazing in the city, to learn their customs and culture, to experience their life and enjoy your time at this medieval city.

Kashgar is located in the southwest of Xinjiang Uigur Autonomous Region, with southern Tiansha Rang in the north, Pamirs towering in the west, Karakoram Mountains in the south and Takla Makan Desert in the east. When sunshine get through clouds and shades upon Kashgar city, when the tempting aroma of barbecue drifting in the air, it’s time to go outside and enjoy a pleasant and casual time at Kashgar.

Big Bazaar


When at Kashgar, never miss their big bazaar. Bazaar means street market in Uygur language. At the bazaar you see thousands kinds of thing are sold there and you can buy various things. From souvenirs to daily necessities, from snacks to fresh fruits, from cloth to animals, Kashgar people get you a bazaar carnival with some hints of exotic and friendly smiles.

Id Kah Mosque
Id Kah Mosque is located on the central square on Kashgar city. It is the biggest mosque in China. It is a group of old Islamic constructions with strong ethnic style and religious features. The whole complex consists of the courtyard, the Hall of Prayer, and the gate tower and as well as some other attached structures.

Kashgar Old Town

The old town of Kashgar is a great place to experience the real folk customs of Uygur nationality. Houses are built with wood and bricks, some house even has a long history of 300 years. When you walk there, you seem to be in a medieval city from Arab. At the old town, there are crisscrossed streets, flexible layout houses, ancient handcraft shops and friendly Uygur people. But make sure you do not get lost at this mazy castle.

Residential Area on High Platform

In the northeast of Kashgar’s old town, there is a group of dwellings which is a ghetto for Uygur people. Residential Area on High Platform are built in a loess cliff which is about 40 meters high and 800 meters long. Every new generation adds a layer on the former layer, this is why houses here are of several layers. The layout is a little casual, buildings cross with houses, up and down, but this is where to find the original customs and culture of Uygur.

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