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Leisure Walking in Shanghai

 2012-12-06    Lxineri    Entertainment    Shanghai    1052  

Shanghai, an elegant city of China, was very quiet in that morning. After lunch, I started my Shanghai tour and travel, from walking along Tianzifang. It was about 8pm more or less, there were little tourists, only the narrow dark alley, and occasionally there were several guys passed through in the dim lights.

Walked slowly back to Nanjing West Road from Tianzifang, I chatted with my friends, about everything, such as Shanghai, Beijing, travel and other trivial topics in life.

That day, we spent a whole morning walking from Wujiang Road to Nanjing West Road, then crossed to Nanjing East Road, and arrived at the Bund. In the alley in the bund, I found this old man. 

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