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Longbaotan Nature Reserve in Qinghai

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Longbaotan Nature Reserve for black-necked cranes is located in Jielong village about 80 kilometers to the northwest of Jiegu Township in Qinghai province. There are high mountains that run parallel on its both sides. On both sides of the valley area is the mountains with the mushroom shape that are the towering and precipitous crag with a majestic outline.


The mountains rode up and down and away to the far off hills. It’s the large area of an extensive tract of level open meadow swamp, with the natural environment of elegance and tranquility. In its middle section is the valley area with the length of about 10 kilometers and 3 kilometers in width. Remnants of the original lakes with the huge pile of gravels were bared. It's virtually the marsh in the type of alpine meadow, which rises over four thousands of feet above sea level, with a cold climate.


Longbaotan Nature Reserve is the important producers of all kinds of rare birds and animals of Qinghai-Xizang plateau and some traditional medicine of great value. The scenic spot is praised to be the home of black-necked cranes by the world's birds experts. Of the many places in Qinghai province, the one that holds out the greatest attractions to the world's birds experts and scientific researchers is without doubt the Longbaotan Nature Reserve.


Here you could see the black-necked crane as the rare and precious bird that the world's research institute for rare birds by now unbagged, as well as the strapping and proud-mannered wild geese, merganser, snowcock and other over 10 types of birds. Longbaotan Nature Reserve is about 4200 meters tall above sea level, with a cold climate, a moderately moist environment, plentiful rain, roundabout streams, which belongs to the typical meadow swamp and alpine meadow area.


In the middle of Longbaotan Nature Reserve is many little springs, the crisscrossed and circuitous streams, the swamps scattered about in every direction could divide the wide expanse of flat pasture into myriads of large and small bars and isolated islets, thus even wild animals can't get close to the place. The rich natural water grasses and the swamps around the small island are visible in the place.


Many amphibious reptiles and numerous relatively small elongated soft-bodied animals are also available in the streams. This kind of unique natural environment condition and ecological environment created good conditions for a perfect breeding ground for the birds. Thus each year as spring turns into summer, many rare and precious migrating birds like black-necked cranes, wild geese and brown-headed gulls are flying to the place to produce offspring in profusion.


Especially black-necked crane that is listed as the nation's animal under first-class protection, huge numbers of them every year fly to the place for living and inhabiting. According to statistics, there were over 40 black-necked cranes gathering in Longbaotan Nature Reserve that our country only has more than 100 black-necked cranes. Longbaotan Nature Reserve serves as an ideal place for birds like black-necked cranes to live and multiply on the place.    

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