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Lovely Qianlong Lake in Hunan

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Qianlong Lake was originally the Getang Reservoir, located in the Getang Township in Wangcheng District in Changsha. Qianlong Lake is the reservoir in plain type for water regulation and retardation. Covering an area of around 12,000 acres, Qianlong Lake is blessed with the wide and open surface of about 2,800 acres and the mid-lake peninsula of about 400 acres.

The total water capacity of the lake is about 10.24 million standard cubic meters, with the coverage of effectively irrigated area totaling 37,000 acres. The lake is large bodies of water and good water quality. Qianlong Lake Ecotourism Destination is blessed with the most convenient traffic, the excellent surroundings, the landscape with mystery and charm and excellent ecological environment quality. On the northwest of the lake is the gentle rolling green low hillock areas.

The surrounding lake is the boundless expanse of the lake. The mountains, rivers, fields and village cottages had the accurate carvings of one perfect pastoral poem. Qianlong Lake had built up the supporting system construction of modern agriculture demonstration garden, marine products hatching base, saplings cultivated base and ecological village.

The beauty spot could be divided into six different types of leisure areas including water entertainment area, fishing and recreation area, time-sharing holiday area, eco-agricultural area, eco-forestry area and ecological aquaculture area, which had formed the tourist products system of leisure holiday, business meeting, extend training, agricultural sightseeing tourism, agricultural product and by product processing.

These projects have become rich and varied, with a good condition, extensive facilities and good service. The scenic spot is an ideal place for many activities including business, entertainment, holiday and meeting. Qianlong Lake is famous for its beautiful scenery. The water in the lake is deep and crystal-clear, and the surrounding trees are soothing your eyes, which are really refreshing.

In the early morning mists, you could tread on the dusky morning light, stroll through the embankment of Qianlong Lake. Here one could have a glimpse of a far-reaching blue lake with the still water of the lake about 2,800 acres in area. The lake is the shimmering water under the overlapping of the radiant morning sun, which could constitute a magnificent view of the glory of the morning.

The water is very transparent so that your eyes could penetrate into the bottom of the lake. The sparkling blue water of the lake is nearly indistinguishable from the sparkling blue sky. Here you could breathe this delightfully fresh air under the dense trees, which is sprinkled with the cool water of the lake, suffused with the scent of fragrant blossoms. Their fragrance could indeed bring joy to people's souls and refresh the mind.

If you stand among them, you could feel caught up in the landscape of lakes and waters, which could make people forget the earthly raffles. The green peninsula dipped into the water is like the huge water viewing platform. And you will keep the delightful scenery of the natural beauty of lakes and mountains. Those islands framed like two bright pearls in their settings of the beautiful Qianlong Lake. 

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