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Luodai Ancient Town

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Located at Longquan District,Chengdu,Luodai Ancient Town is a Hakka town which is built during the Three Kingdoms period.It is one of the most fascinating historical sites in Chengdu. Luodai ancient town attracts thousands of tourists every year for its famous Hakka cuisine and rich Hakka customs and habits.It has a reputation of "the first Hakka town in the world".

Dating back to Han Dynasty,Luodai Ancient Town was called as "Wanjing Street".Walking through the town,you will explore the various historical sites and Hakka architecture in this small town.

Luodai scenic region are divided into three parts including Ancient Town core protected areas, Dragon Lake, Baosheng original ecological Hakka village.Luodai Ancient Town has a typical Ming and Qing architectural style.You can see the millennium  old streets, well-preserved Hakka houses,traditional style shops in the town.

One of the landmark of Luodai Ancient Town is Guangdong Guildhall.Built in Qing Dynasty(AD 1746) and covering an area of over 3000 square meters, it is a masterpiece of Hakka architecture and one of the best preserved and biggest guildhalls in China.There are many Hakka folk activities held here,such as eating Hakka cuisine,wearing Hakka clothes, sleeping in Hakka  flower bed. 

The snack you must eat in Luodai Ancient Town is Hakka Sad Bean Jelly.It is the most  popular snacks for local residents.It is made by grinding different grains, such as rice and soybean,then mix bean jelly with chili oil, preserved pickle, coriander herb and other spices which taste hot and spicy but delicious.

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