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Luodai Hakka Ancient Town in Chengdu

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There is an ancient town called Luodai Ancient Town located about 20 kilometers from Chengdu City. It is an ancient town featured with Hakka history and Hakka culture. Because of its beautiful scenery, unique history and culture, and its convenient transportation from Chengdu, Luodai Ancient Town has been a popular destination for a leisure day around Chengdu.

Luodai Ancient Town has a long history. It was first built during the Three Kingdom Period. Now it has a history more than 1,800 years. Though Luodai is situated around Chengdu, it is a typical Hakka town as more than 85% of local Luodai people are Hakka people. It was originated in Ming Dynasty when many Hakka people from Guangdong Province were exiled to Luodai area because of political reasons. They settled down there and have made Luodai a unique Hakka town. Now the Luodai Ancient Town is a well preserved Hakka town and has gained the reputation of “China’s best Hakka Town”.

When come to Luodai, there are a lot to see. What attracts people most is the ancient architecture. Architectures in Luodai are characterized of Ming and Qing Dynasty with the combination of Hakka style. The town is typically laid out by a main street and 7 lanes. With ancient Hakka folk houses and stores standing along street and stone paved, Luodai is a live sample for the glorious history and culture of Hakka people living there. The most outstanding architectures in Luodai should be the four magnificent provincial halls. There are Guangdong Provincial Hall, Jiangxi Provincial Hall, Huguang Provincial Hall and some other halls. Especially the Hakka Museum is a great architecture to admire. The unique lay-out and shape, exquisite patterns and delicate carvings have endowed it with great scientific, historical, architectural and cultural values.

In the center of Luodai there builds a new tourism center called Luodai Boke Town. It is a complex tourism project that combines entertainment, food and leisure. There you can taste a lot of delicious Hakka food and Sichuan food in those restaurants, you can enjoy a lot of folk art like New Year painting and mud sculptures. What attractive most is the grand Hakka Tulou where you can enjoy the charm of Hakka culture and architecture.

Hakka Tulou in Luodai

In Luodai Ancient Town, there are two traditional festivals Fire Dragon Festival and Water Dragon Festival that are very interesting. The Water Dragon Festival is held on every 27th and 27th in July. These two festivals are kind of like the Splashing Water Festival in Yunnan that people splash water to others for the celebration of harvest, give wishes to others, and prayer for good harvest for the coming year.

Fire Dragon Festival

Water Dragon Festival

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