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Luoyang Shui Xi

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Shui Xi is also called the water banquet and is one of the Three Wonders in Luoyang, along with the Longmen Grottoes and the Peony. Shui Xi has a rich culture because of the carefully selected materials and strict serving procedures. It originates from the Tang Dynasty and has over one thousand years history.

Shui Xi or water banquet is comprised of 8 cold and 16 warm dishes which are combined with meat and vegetables together and cooked in various broths, gravies or juices. It is also served in a very strict order. The 24-dishes are served and then removed in order from the beginning to the end. All the dishes are served only when the previous one is finished and removed, simulating the stream-like processing. The procedure is as smooth as flowing water.

The most famous Shui Xi restaurant in Luoyang is Zhenbutong Restaurant.It has a long history and a great reputation in Luoyang.The waiter working in Zhenbutong Restaurant all wearing costumes of the Tang Dynasty.

Luoyang shuixi , is famed as 'Top Banquet under the Heaven' .

Luoyang Yan Cai ,served first in the Water Feast, it is an imperial dish.

Jiang Miantiao which is a popular local snack, the noodles are boiled in thick bean milk until they take on paste shape. 

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