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Lusheng Festival of the Miao Ethnic Minority

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The Lusheng Festival is a very important traditional festival celebrated by the Miao Ethnic Minority across China. This year the Kaili Lusheng Festival took place on February 19 to 25 in Guizhou Province. The time of Lusheng Festival varies across China, because some come from the auspicious days of ancient rules, some come from the harvest celebration, and some come from myths and legends.


Miao-Lusheng-Festival-2.jpgUsually before the festival, a ceremony is held, first presided over by a village's noble elderly ancestors, families will also worship their ancestors at their own homes, and the girls in villages will be dressed in traditional costumes with silver ornaments. The young men will have their own Lusheng and will make their way to Lusheng venue. The men and young people in each village are surrounded by a circle of the young men playing the Lusheng and the girls dancing. 


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