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Meili Snow Mountain

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Meili Snow Mountain is nature's another magical marvel situated in the Diqing Yunnan Province of China.The mountain is situated between Lantsang River and River Nujiang. With stunning gorges and ridges the mountain stands like a colossal structure lay 6,000 feet above sea level.The highest peak in the mountain is Kawakarpo say tall with a height of 6,740 meters.This is the highest peak in Yunnan province. The upper portion of the mountain is always covered by snow.The rising sun rays radiate golden shades all over the mountain top is a splendid treat. The lower part of the mountain is uninhibited landscape with full of thick vegetation.

Kawagebo Peak – a sacred peak:

The peak Kawagebo stands like a guardian for the Tibet Buddhists. The white pinnacle look like a pyramid cut cross deep in to the sky.The serene blue sky back ground and the golden reflection on the mountain radiated through the snow cover cap is beautiful and mysterious. The Tibetan considers this peak as a sacred one and is considered as one of the eight holy mountains in the Tibet area.During summer the ice glaciers starts melting and flow down.One can see lot of streams flowing down to the valley of the mountain and the sprays created during the down fall reflected through the sunlight produces an array of colorful rainbows.

Select the best season:

October to May is considered as the best season to visit Meri Snow Mountains. During this season especially winter and summer the peak will be clearly visible because the season will be sunny and bright.During other season, the weather will be very much fluctuating and the visibility will be very poor to watch the peak. On your way from Diquin, on the 15 kilometerpoint there is an observation deck; from there tourist can have a clear look of Meri Snow Mountains. The entry fee is CNY 300 per head.

Different climate in one location:

As a result of the high altitude difference, one can enjoy different type of climate in a day. In the top of the peak it will be snow covered icy stretches and in the bottom side with lush green forest. Because of this unusual climate condition, Meri Snow Mountain is famous for rare medical herbs and animals. Animals such as Red Deer, Small Panda and Snow Leopard are very common in this part of the mountain. The uninhabited forest areas are a convenient natural shelter for animals to lead a comfortable life.

Ideal destination for trekking:

Chinese are traditionally fond of mountains.They consider mountains are sacred features gifted by nature for human being.That is the reason they have given lot of importance to mountains and even started worshipping them from centuries ago.The Peak Kawakarpo is considered as one of the eight sacred peaks.Tibetan from surrounding areas pays their tribute to this peak to do annual pilgrimage to the holy mountain. Lot of mountaineering activities you can see in this part of mountain.Tourists who are having a special inclination for mountaineering trekking, this is an ideal spot.

Visit again:

Tourist can select from two pilgrimage routes for exploring the virgin peak. One of the plans is taking the inner route, whichis included visiting Yubeng Shenpuand Mingyong Glacier.The second route is outer pilgrimage only by trekkingKawaKarpo.This will take 8 to 12 days would be a fantastic, impressive experience and tourists may feel like visiting again!

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