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Meili Snow Mountain of Yunnan

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Meili Snow Mountain, also known as a God mountain, is located on the border of Yunnan Province and Tibet. Its location is very special for there are 3 main rivers flow through: Jinsha River, Mekong River and Salwen River. Up till now, no one has ever climbed to the top of Meili Snow Mountain and it is nicknamed as “a virgin peak”, leaving great mystery to lots of mountain explorers. With an average height of about 6000 meters, the mountain has a total of 13 peaks. There is no doubt that Kang karpo is the highest and most spectacular one, boasting 6740 merers above sea level. Early winter is the golden time to visit Meili Snow Mountain, because the weather becomes cozy and the snow-capped scenery turns attractive.



The Kang Karpo Peak

The Kang Karpo peak is certainly a must-see when you come to visit the Meili Snow Mountain. In the Tibetan language it means snow-white Mountain. The upper part of it is usually covered with white snow, while the lower part is filled with lush forests. As one of the eight holy mountains that Tibetans worship, the charming scenes of Kang karpo changes with each season, for example, when the sun rises up in winter, the whole Kang karpo is covered in gold sunshine like the lost horizon. The Lost Horizon? Feel familiar, right? Yep, it is what well-known British writer James Hilton mentioned in his book. For the Tibetans, each peaks of Meili Snow Mountain has something to do with the proportion of nature and the Kang karpo peak reigns the world. And there goes a legend in Yunan and Tibet that the Kang karpo peak is incarnation of a kind Tibetan God who helps people to resist evil things.

The Kang Karpo remains a mystery to people not only because it is a virgin peak, but also because it is snow capped and surrounded by thin mist. Thus visitors should have enough patience to struggle through the haze and wait for the gorgeous scene. Standing at the bottom of the mountain, you are supposed to be attracted by the magnificent glaciers that look like wriggling dragons. In the sun, enormous streams melted by glaciers reflect the sunlight into fantastic rainbow, making people feel intoxicated.

Travel Tips for Meili Snow Mountain 

  1. Winter is the travelling peak in Meili Snow Mountain and visitors are recommended to book air tickets and hotels in advance.

  2. Weather in Meili Snow Mountain is cold, so warm clothes and cold medicine should be carried with you.

  3. The admission fee is 308 Yuan. The spot is available from 7:00AM to 5:00PM.

  4. Visitors with heart disease and hypertension are discouraged. 5. Rental tour buses or cars are highly recommended.

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