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Miraculous Rock Paintings of Helan Mountain

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Helan Mountain that is North-to-South mountain range is sitting on the boundary of the Yinchuan Plain and the Inner Mongolia Prairie. It has become precious gene pool of animals and plants in northwestern China and is officially listed as a natural forest conservation project in China's Western Development.

In the Tang Dynasty, the scholar Weichan composed the following poem entitled "Blooming orchards lying at the foot of Helan, long long ago in the far north famous as Jiangnan" to celebrate the beautiful scenery here. The beauty of Mt. Helan is of a majestic order. Here you may need to go through a primeval forest of Mount Helan, both road sides have many ancient pines, rare spruces and aspens, with a feeling of very long time, seemed to be in those ancient centuries.

The rock paintings in the Helan Mountains are specially marked by many figures with odd shapes and faces whereas. The stone inscriptions stand on 250 kilometers long alluvial fan which is situated on the east side of Helan Mountain running from the west to the north. They're created by minority artists varying from period to period living in this area and they are historical accumulation of multi cultures. These stunning stone inscriptions do really offer China and even the whole world with the rich information about the ancient people's history and culture and incomparable beautiful pictures, so it is of historic significance and is valuable for biodiversity research.

Ridges and peaks of the Helan Mountains rise one after another. And it is celebrated for its majestic steep crags between precipices. Visitors should be struck by the boldness and abruptness of the scenery. It covers an area of 150,000mu surrounded by towering spruces, which is regarded as the rare trees in Northwest China. Helan Mountain is rich in the forest resource constitute a high proportion as the leader in Ningxia Province.

Its imposing scale and unique style make it the symbol of Ningxia Province. The insistent flowing of the river seemed only as the symbol of the passing of time. From the peaks, the view of Ningxia Plains is nothing short of breathtaking. An unimpeded sweep of meadows and little hills formed a peaceful setting. It's is one of the best summer resorts in China.

These rock paintings in Helan Mountain cover an extensive region from east to west, from north to south in the nation. They're a carving album of the history of the various civilizations in the area through the ages. The theme of rock paintings often revolves around human figures, birds and animals, representing totem worship as well as the ancient Western Xia life style.

One famous professor once said "the rock paintings always show strong local influence that is completely different from traditional Chinese culture." Helan Mountain has been a famous landscape area for tourism since ancient times for scenic spots and historical sites like temples stockade villages, stone inscription, stone carving, stone painting and many more. These rock paintings are gifted mysterious color, the continuance of human experience and emotion.

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