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Mount Dayao Nature Reserve in Guangxi

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Mount Dayao National Nature Reserve of Guangxi is located in Dayao Mountain, with an area of about 25594.7 acres of land. Its main protection species are the rare species of flora and fauna including silver fir, the Chinese crocodile lizard, Teinopalpus species as well as evergreen broad-leaved forest ecosystems.


Mount Dayao Nature Reserve belongs to the monsoon climate that is the transition zone from the central subtropical zone to the subtropical zone. Having researched the geographical setting of Mount Dayao, it's indicated that Mount Dayao has subtropical monsoon climate, but it is simultaneously affected by both maritime and mountain cli- mate with a mild winter and a cool summer, with the less sunlight, many wet days, a high humidity as well as the obvious vertical and horizontal change of climate.


The average sunlight time is 1268.7 hours and it's one of the places that has the fewest sunlight in China. Annually, the average temperature is about 17℃, the average precipitation is 1380~2700mm. There's the old geological formation in Mount Dayao, and the geological development process dated from the Cambrian period about more than 500 million years ago.


The complex and varied terrains and landforms like the conglomerate and sandstone as well as the unique type of ecological system have created a natural paradise for biodiversity. Mount Shengtang is the its highest peak with the altitude of about 1979 meters above sea level. Owning to its special structural landforms, large areas and complicated types could form the fantastic Danxia landforms landscape belt, with scientific research, ornamental, unique historical and cultural values.


The healthy holiday zone of the primitive forest is situated in the valley in mountainous terrain of Jinxiu old mountain about 10 kilometers to the northeastern part of the Jinxiu county town. Mount Dayao is bounded on the southeast by the primitive forest of over 600,000 acres. The silver fir as the living fossil of the world's plants and the alligator lizards as the living fossil of the world's animals are living in the place.


The nature reserve without any air pollution and environmental pollution is the largest gene bank of Guangxi. Scenic resort and historic site of Lianhua Mountain is located about 14 kilometers the northwestern part of Jinxiu county town. The highest peak is straight and aloof and arrogant, 4 little summits surround upright around, are hoped, seem exactly one dodges the crown of silver light.


It was given that name because the whole mountain was shaped like the lotus flower. The landscape on the mountain is mainly the stone forest as well as the dense primeval forest, the flowering azaleas forest in the sea of clouds and ancient trees, which could create the beautiful landscape.


Mount Dayao National Nature Reserve is one of the areas with the richest bio-diversity and great varieties of biological species in the whole country. Mount Dayao with the irreplaceable biological representative feature is the transition zone between different zones. The ecological environment with better naturalness had the ecosystem that appears much less structural changes.          

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