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Mount Qianshi Scenic Spot in Yunnan

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Qianshi Mountain Scenic Spot in Manxianlin in Jianchuan County of Dali City is a famous natural preservation area of our country and AAA rated national scenic area with excellent tourist resources. The distance between Qianshi Mountain in Manxianlin and Jinhua Ancient Town of Jianchuan County is just a few 1.5 kilometers. There're over 2,600 sculptured lifelike stone lions in many different shapes in Qianshi Mountain.

The scenic spot in Jianchuan County is known far and wide for its stone carving lions. Manxianlin was originally named Jixieling, which was first built in the Ming dynasty. In recent years, Manxianlin there increased nearly 3,000 stone lions in their infinite variety of forms. They are in different postures and manners. Appearing in an endless variety of shapes, they may be cut against the rocks, or leaping among sheer precipitous cliffs. The most remarkable stone lions would bring you into an animal kingdom.

It will be a showcase of the sculptural lions in different artistic styles throughout the ages. The largest king of lion is at an altitude of 25 meters, 15 meters in width at its side and 12 meters in width at its front. Qianshi Mountain is famous for the abundance and large scale of stone lions, extremely rare in the universe. On entering the gate of Qianshi Mountain, two extremely large stone lions flanked the entrance unfolded in front of our eyes, and our feelings had been awakened by the whole scene.

Walking up the stone steps of the main road, astonishing lifelike stone lions were arranged on either side of the stone stairs, large lions, small lions, male lion, female lion, some lions are sitting, some standing, and they are looking at each other as if communicating. Some lions are reclining or squatting. Viewed from afar, over thousands of stone lions of different sizes are scattered along the stone steps, just like a gigantic and majestic integral structure.

The chirping of crickets and the hum of insects, the moan of the wind and the mellifluous singing of fountains would enter the ear and illumines the heart, fancied we heard the fabulous scene of "Thousands of lions are roaring in one mountain." Visitors come by the thousands - the great and simple of the earth - all in a spirit of marvel. Those curious travelers had been silently giving their thoughts to the individual stone lion.

They're made by those craftsmen, symbolizing the transformation and extortion of life. All of these show those craftsmen's lives, wisdom and perspiration on these stone lions, which are for those who admire the artistry with agility. Despite the fact that the mountain path is rough and steep, visitors were motivated by a spirit of agility and eternity, and gained the top of the Qianshi Mountain in the end.

By now, the sculpture project of stone lions in Qianshi Mountain was still going on. The featured scenic spot that has gathered together cultural scenery and natural landscape merging into one organic whole is attracting more and more sightseers from all parts of the world.

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