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Mt. Yandang Travel Guide

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Mt. Yangdang is located in Leqing, Wenzhou in the southeast of Zhejiang Province. It is one of the 10 famous mountains in China. Mt. Yandang is also a member of Global Geoparks Network.It’s immensely large–with an area of 450 square kilometers, and more than 500 tourist attractions.

Perilous peaks, fascinating caves and waterfalls spread all over the zone. Among them, Lingfeng Peak(灵峰), Lingyan Rock(灵岩) and Dalongqiu Waterfall(大龙湫) are the most famous , known as the “Three perfections in Mt. Yandang.”

Mt. Yandang has been noticed since Tang Dynasty. The earliest visitor to Mt. Yandang was Xie Lingyun. Xu Xiake, a well-known traveler-geographer in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) who paid three visits to Mt. Yandang in his lifetime. Big as it is, on his travel notes he wrote:” l would have seen all the wonders in the mountain if I were a flying celestial.” Guan Xiu, a poet-monk whose poem portraying Mt. Yandang is still remembered. It reads: “Wandering along the path of Mt. Yandang, I felt the peaks crowned with a misty gauze; while drinking tea by the side of the Dragon Waterfall, I myself was socked in a drizzly cloud.”

Along the footpaths, tourists can admire oddly shaped rocks and steep peaks. People cannot help but let their imaginations fly as rocks and peeks show different shapes from different angles. Some are like people, some are like animals. When you take a step backward, the scenery change again.
There are numerous caves in Mt. Yandang. You won’t leave your footprints in all even you spend one whole week visiting them. The biggest cave can hold a concert for hundreds of people; some of them are as high as 100 meters.
Mt. Yandang contains countless waterfalls and streams. Some get together to form a mirror-like lake, some flow along the winding paths, some fall down like a string of pearls.

Mt. Yandang is good for sightseeing all year round. It is advised that tourists spend two days at least to visit the main tourist spots. All tourist attractions are easily accessed by roads. There are shuttle buses going there. Alternatively, you can go there by driving. As all footpaths are skid proof, old people and young children will find it quiet easy to walk along.

There is no through ticket for Mt. Yandang. Each tourist attraction charges at different price, such as 41 Yuan for Lingfeng Peak(灵峰), 40 Yuan for Lingyan Rock(灵岩) and 40 Yuan for Dalongqiu Waterfall(大龙湫). 

Transport is quite convenient from Shanghai to Mt. Yandang. There are direct trains from Shanghai South Railway Station to Mt. Yandang. After getting off the train, tourists can go to Mt. Yandang by taxi, it only costs 10 Yuan.There are no flights from Shanghai to Mt. Yandang. Tourists can fly to Wenzhou instead for one-hour flight, and then take a bus from Wenzhou to the mountain.

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