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Mulan Hunting Grounds

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Mulan Weichang, or Mulan Hunting grounds is located in the northernmost part of Hebei. During the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), the vast grassland dotted with lakes served as the hunting ground of Emperor Kangxi. West of Mulan is Big Canyon, which is surrounded by a grazing area for herds of sheep, cattle and horses. This used to be a playground for wild animals but now only rabbits and squirrels can be seen emerging from the nearby forest.

General Paozi, one of the largest lakes, was the site of the famous Battle of Ulaan Butun in 1690.Xida Paozi, now called Princess Lake is the largest. Its deep waters are home to a variety of fish, which visitors try to catch early in the morning. Birch trees surround most of the lake and are reflected in its clear waters. Other lakes, with fancy names like Seven-star Lake and Moon Lake, have equally beautiful surroundings.

Not far away are slopes like Five-color Hills, which turns a fiery color in autumn; Lama Hill famed for its magnificent sunrises; and Little Red Hill renowned for its dramatic sunsets.Herdsmen and their families live on the foot of the hills, near the smaller lakes.

Sky Glassland

Getting There

Drive along Badaling Expressway and Jingzhang Expressway, then turn on Xuanda Expressway. Upon reaching Zhangshi Expressway, find Yuxian East Exit, which leads to Yu County. It takes about four hours by car to get to Sky Grassland.


Admission to the grassland is 50RMB. Once there, tourists can hop on a sightseeing trolley, which stops at major attractions, for 40RMB. Alternatively, visitors can travel on horseback for 60RMB an hour or less.


Lodging at the scenic area costs 80 yuan per person or 200RMB for a room with three beds. The closest hotel is in Feihu Shanzhuang, in Feihuyu. A twin room there costs 120RMB.

Mulan Weichang

Getting There

Visitors can also take a train from Beijing South Railway Station, and then get off at Siheyong Station.

Long-distance buses likewise travel from Xizhimen to Weichang County, after which travelers need to transfer to a bus to Mulan. The grassland may also be reached by bus from Chengde.

Since Mulan covers a vast area, it is advisable to go sightseeing on a vehicle. Visitors who do not bring a car can rent one in Weichang County. There are few cars for rent in the scenic area.


There are many hotels and restaurants around the Hongshanjun Stud Farm in Mulan. An overnight stay can cost from 60 to hundreds of yuan.

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