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Mysterious Dulong Valley in Yunan

 2014-07-15    Young    Sights    Yunnan    1944  

Dulong Valley is a large flat valley that is located on both banks of Dulong River within the boundaries of Nujiang Lisu nationality autonomous prefecture in northwest Yunnan and Gongshan Derungzu Nu nationality autonomous county. Nu nationality is regarded as one of the ancient minorities living in the Nujiang great canyon in southwest of China.

The highest peak within the territory is at 4,963 meters above sea level, while the lowest is at an elevation of 1,000 meters above sea level. Every year at this time of November, Dulong Valley had almost completely isolated from the outside world. All their living-places were covered in a pristine layer of snow with the depth of about twenty meters.

Dulong Valley was a sequestered place, enclosed and embraced in the snowcapped mountains. Not until August in the coming year, when it's the time for the ice to melt away, shall we be able to say that it's the busiest and noisiest time in Dulong Valley in a year.

Dulong River heads up in the Chayu in Tibet. It stretched for 150 kilometers from north to south in Yunnan Province. The surface of the river is with the mean width of about 40 meters. The local people on the east and west of Dulong stockade village could hear their conversation from each other across the banks, while it would take three days to meet each other or shake hands.

Without exaggeration, we would claim that some places it is difficult to hold hands and converse cheerfully even though you take a three days' walk. It's nearly impossible to go by ferryboats. So people only fly across the valley so as not to get out of breaking with both sides.

Some people saw with their own eyes that people of Drung ethnic minority group could really fly across the valley, as well as a wide variety of flying ways: the first way is also called as suspension bridge by local people, whatever how much people of Dulong nationality carried, they could also hurry across the river with a flying tackle during the day or at night, by the lightness and buoyancy of their movements. They could cross deep gorges and rushing rivers as easily as on smooth ground as if they could fly.

Another way of crossing the river is to slip the cable. As a matter of fact, it's both very dangerous neither walking on the suspension bridge nor slipping the cable. However, the power of existence had made the people been trained to own both audacity and skill. Thus, when you travel the place along the riverside, you could have the maximum gratification of merely watching the people of Dulong nationality across the river.

Another feature of attracting the traveler's attention is the tattoo women in the native place. The tattoo of Dulong nationality includes two kinds. When it now comes to the custom, it is still a mystery now. Nowadays, however, the only tattoo women in the Nujiang River are very few since that the custom is the one they don't follow today.

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