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Myths and Legends of Mt. Lushan

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Myths and Legends of Mt. Lushan

Mt. Lushan is located in Jiujiang, Jiangxi province. It is world cultural and natural heritage, world geopark. It was also summer capital of Republic of China. Lost of significant events happened here in the history of Chinese nation. It enjoys the honor of "The first beautiful scenery in the world" since ancient times. Mt. Lushan is well known for its "grand, wonderful, vicious, and graceful" sceneries.

There are 12 scenic areas and 474 scenic spots in Mt. Lushan. It not only offers beautiful natural landscape for people to see and admire but also lots of myths and legends for people to think and imagine.

Tale of First Emperor of Qin Moving The Mountains into the Seas

It is said that First Emperor of Qin once had a powerful magic whip when he was building his own tomb. For the mountains blocked the way for his work, he wanted to drive the mountains into the seas with his whip. Where ever the whip touched, mountains collapsed and the earth cracked up. All the sea creatures in Dragon Palace were horrified and they begged the Goddess of Mercy Guanyin to stop him. After driving several mountains into the sea, First Emperor became very tired and he fell into sleep.

Goddess of Mercy Guanyin replaced his magic whip with an ordinary one when he was fast asleep. The following morning, First Emperor woke up and continued with his work. However no matter how hard he tried with his whip, the mountain stood still. He became furiousus. He laid on the whip for 99 times without stop. The mountain was covered with whip scars and sweat, but it steadfastly stood its ground. It is today’s Mt. Lushan. Those 99 whip scars became 99 deep gullies; the whip left by First Emperor became Mast of Longshou; the sweat became waterfalls.

Tale of yellow dragon and white dragon

There is Temple of Yellow Dragon(黄龙寺) in Sanbaoshu(三宝树)scenic area. It is said that the temple was built by an eminent monk Che Kong to overpower an unruly yellow dragon which lived in Huang long Pool(黄龙潭) . The dragon had a very bad temper. It always made flash floods to destroy farmlands. After the eminent monk overpowered the dragon, its descendants stirred up trouble and unrest to harm people again. Monk Che Kong then built a temple besides Huang Long Pool. He dugged a cave in the temple and put a magic bell upside down. These unfilial dragons then became tame.

There is a very kind white dragon living in Wu Long Pool(乌龙潭) which is not far away from Huang Long Pool(黄龙潭).On the contrary, the white dragon always brought convenience to people nearby. It swallowed the clouds and made much needed rain in the drought. While in the floods, it sucked in the water. It was therefore much loved by the villagers. To express their gratitude, every June, people put the food into Wu Long Pool. The activity is called Sending Meals to Dragon. Amusingly, the white dragon only accepted meals when food putting into Wu Long Pool.

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