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Nanyue King Mausoleum in Guangzhou

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In the west side of Yuexiu Mountain, there is a small hill. In 1983, Nanyue King Mausoleum grave was excavated. Nanyue kingdom was from 202 B.C, the Western Han Dynasty, also known as the former Guangzhou city. Archaeologists unearthed more than one thousand artifacts from the grave, unlike other graves, it never got stolen for once in history. No wonder it got so much precious artifacts whether for scientific research or tourists visiting.

The museum of the Nanyue King Mausoleum was open to public in 1988, covering an area of more than 1,740,0 square meters. Designed by a famous designer, it is among the 55 classic architectures of 20 century in China. It is a museum with both outside beauty and inside depth. Here you can go back time and experience the history of the city over 2000 years.

If I have to tell the truth, I think the grave is a little bit scary. Underground stuff always make me feel that way, not to mention the fact that this is the place once buried many dead body. Walking through the graves gives me chills. Even it actually is filled with tourists but It feels so cold. After a quick tour, I come to the exhibition hall and start studying those cool artifacts.

The highlight artifact of the museum is the Golden Seal of the Emperor Wen.When it was firstly unearthed, there was marks of using, which meant it was a daily use stuff for the emperor. It was made of gold, with dragon carved on it. It is also the largest golden seal found from the Western Han Dynasty so far.

I am not very interested in seals and stuff. How people in ancient times live seems more intriguing to me. They also found unhusked rice from the grave, which indicated the long history of Chinese agriculture. There are other bones from ancient people leftovers such us turtles, fish, as well as pig bones.Even today, pork is still an important food for modern Chinese regardless the region difference. The unearthed fishing net still can be used for fishing today, you really have to admire their amazing netting skills.

On the third floor of the museum, there is a wonder world of ceramics. A famous artifact connoisseur from Hongkong donated all his ceramics items to the museum. Each one got its own color and shape, especially those lifelike painting like dogs, tigers and babes. It is pretty quiet on this floor, cuz everyone is busy enjoy those great works of arts. If you want to take some nice ceramics home, they have nice ceramics shops on the first floor.

Archaeologist discovered 470 natural pearls from the pillow under the occupant of the tomb. It is the first pillow made from pearls in Chinese archaeological history. Some say pearl has soothing effect and can ward off the evilness, just like those some people are into pearl necklace. In addition, archaeologist also found plenty of pearl, weighed as 4117 grams.

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